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August 30, 2013

Inbound 2013: A Week of Inbound Marketing

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Come Together Get Inspired - HubSpot Inbound 13Last week, six New Breeders went to Boston and spent four days immersed in all things inbound marketing. Inbound 13, a conference held in downtown Boston and hosted by HubSpot, was awesome. Each day was jam packed with information, and then nights were spent with new connections and old colleagues. 

To say we were tired when we got back is an understatement. We were wiped out. But each moment was completely worth it. 

In today's post, we just want to give a little debrief of our time at Inbound (mainly the first two days) and share some of our takeaways from the week. We're also sharing some of our photos from the event - make sure to follow @NewBreedMktg on Instagram for future event coverage!

Day 1 Highlights:

  • Seth Godin
  • Understanding Context Marketing
  • The ALL NEW HubSpot features!


Image courtesy of @newbreedmktg on Instagram

First we need to start by showing this photo. This was snapped during the opening speech by Mike Volpe, the Chief Marketing Officer of Hubspot. If you look closely at the graph displayed on screen, you will notice that it's showing the amount of leads generated over the last four years. Not just in general, but the amount of leads that HubSpot customers have generated. This year? Almost 80M!!! That was a pretty staggering statistic, but one we couldn't be more thrilled about.

The keynote began with Hubspotters, but ended with Seth Godin.

For those that don't know who Seth Godin is, he is a marketing genius and basically invented the idea of inbound marketing over a decade ago. He was (and usually is) ahead of the times and it takes the rest of the world some time to catch up. His speech was inspiring, funny, aspirational and exciting. It helped drive home the idea of how consumer behavior is changing and why inbound marketing is so important. 


image courtesy of @hubspot on Instagram 

Although not necessarily new-to-us concepts, the presentation by one of HubSpot's marketing execs, Kipp Bodnar, was refreshing in the fact that it proved we're on the right path. He talked about Context marketing vs. content marketing and the idea that without both of those things, we don't have inbound marketing.


Image courtesy of @newbreedmktg on Instagram

And then, the most exciting part of the day, the whole conference in fact: the new HubSpot features!

We were eagerly anticipating the keynote speech from Dharmesh Shah and Brian Halligan (co-founders of HubSpot), knowing full well each would be not only entertaining, but exciting. In the past three years of Inbound, HubSpot made announcements and upgrades to the software, and this year they released three new products which we are super excited about.

  1. Social Inbox
  2. COS
  3. Signals

Of course, we also spent the night out in Boston with our friends from HubSpot as well as some other inbound marketers!
Images courtesy of @newbreedmktg on Instagram
Day 2: Highlights
  • Arianna Huffington
  • Learning from other HubSpot Partners
  • Tips for corporate culture from Dharmesh Shah

Arianna Huffington did a great job opening up day 2 of Inbound. Although not necessarily marketing related, her speech was very inspirational and focused more on work-life balance than anything else. The main point we got from Arianna is that all successful leaders need is sleep, meaning they need to rest, recharge their batteries and not be plugged in all the time. Your brain can't operate effectively on no sleep, thus you can't be an effective leader if you constantly pull all-nighters. Although we at New Breed, definitely enjoy our sleep, it was nice to have the importance of this point reinforced.


For most of the day, we attended other HubSpot partner sessions. They were incredibly valuable and definitely gave us some good ideas to bring back to the team at home. We won't go into detail on what sessions we attended, but we loved getting tips from some of agencies who are excelling with inbound and HubSpot.

The day ended for us with a great talk by Dharmesh Shah all about HubSpot's culture. It gave us not only a better sense of why the company is so successful, but if definitely gave us some ideas about how we can make New Breed's culture even more awesome and fun.

Here's the presentation:

Over all, it was a fantastic few days in Boston, and we're already looking forward to 2014. The thing we are MOST excited about is the launch of the COS, and guess what? We're here to help you migrate!
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