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September 17, 2015

INBOUND '15 Recap: HubSpot's New Features and Updates

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Now that the dust has settled and our stellar team is caught up on sleep, we can't wait to discuss with you the incredible new features and updates to the HubSpot marketing automation platform and CRM unveiled at INBOUND '15.

If this is the first time you're hearing of INBOUND, it is HubSpot's annual marketing event that "fuels the passion that drives the most innovative and successful business leaders of our time." The purpose of the event is to provide the inspiration, education and connections needed to transform your business. It comprises four days of inspiring keynote speakers (including Brene Brown, Seth Godin, Daniel Pink and Aziz Ansari), more than 170 educational sessions and unlimited opportunities for networking and connecting with other marketing and sales professionals.

In addition, Dharmesh Shah and Brian Halligan, founders of HubSpot, took the stage to announce a number of exciting and much anticipated feature releases, updates and add-ons. In today's post, I'll briefly introduce each release, but will be diving deeper into them at our HubSpot User Group event on Wednesday, September 30. By joining our post-INBOUND event, you'll gain a deeper understanding of the functionality of each release and how your business can best leverage the new features. Learn more about the event here.

INBOUND '15: Marketing Platform Updates

The Ads Add-on

HubSpot discovered that 53 percent of its customers have tried their hand at paid ads. To help them, HubSpot has created an ads add-on for $100/month. This tool will help to streamline ad creation and generate automatic ROI reporting, all with built-in best practices and tips.

The Reporting Add-on

We know how tedious and painstaking it can be to jump between different analytics and reporting tools in order to pinpoint the return on marketing efforts. With the ever-growing importance of marketing accountability, it's mission-critical for companies to have accurate and in-depth reporting. For $200/month, the reporting add-on helps marketing and sales teams see all of the metrics they are accountable for in one easily accessible and customizable screen.

Predictive Lead Scoring

As a marketer, you are generating dozens, hundreds or even thousands of leads—but that doesn't mean they're all qualified. HubSpot has developed a tool that helps take some of the pressure off of marketers with predictive lead scoring. For Enterprise customers only, HubSpot generates a lead score based on behavior, demographics, social, email, and spam-detection data.

HubSpot Connect

This is a feature that not only is exciting for marketing and sales users, but now extends the power of HubSpot to the operational arms of your business. With HubSpot Connect and a score of new integrations, HubSpot is bringing data from all of your front-office systems into one integrated platform. That means you can see billing activity next to website activity. Integration partners include: BlogMutt, Teamwork, Unbounce, UberConference, Eventbrite, Zendesk, Slideshare, Smartling, and HelloSign.

The Easy Initiative

This is a HubSpot initiative focused on making the software faster, lighter and easier to use.

Content Editors

You may have noticed already, but all of the Content Editors within HubSpot have been designed for blog pages, landing pages, website and email. Now you can edit the actual page or email in real time, so you can see the final product before it's published. Not ready for the change? Previous customers have the capability to toggle back and forth between the new and old editors.

Website and Landing Page Dashboards

Now you have a dashboard where you can manage and measure all of your website pages in one single area of HubSpot (yes, that means no more "Open in a new tab"). From inline page editing to built-in search-engine optimization with get-as-you-type instructions on how to improve search, you can fully manage your site in one place. Additionally, you can track the overall growth of your website and see a breakdown of each page's performance, including post-publish page details.


The lists tool has also undergone a complete makeover. Building lists has never been easiler. As you build out the criteria on the left, watch your list populate to the right. There is also a Performance tab for each individual list to uncover in-depth analytics about the history of your list.

Contact Record

No more flipping back and forth between the marketing platform and the HubSpot CRM. Now you will have all the information from both platforms accessible from either platform.


Another instance where there's no more hopping back and forth between different areas of HubSpot: Within the Workflows tool, all the criteria from list segmentation is available for starting conditions. Additionally, there is now complex branching logic for more sophisticated branches.

Smart Content Insights

Leverage the data that HubSpot is already gathering. This new tool within the Content Editors merges insights about your contact database into your current workflows of editing pages. This makes it tremendously easier to personalize content without external analysis. This is available for HubSpot Professional and Enterprise customers in blog, landing pages and website.

INBOUND '15: Sales Platform Updates

Prospects - Subscribe and Digest Emails

You know those Prospects emails that provide little insight into those companies and how to contact them? Well that has all changed. The Prospects tool now lives under the CRM and has been completely redesigned. Now you set particular criteria and see the companies that match, the connections you have at those companies, and recent news stories about those companies. This is a Sidekick for Business feature, but will remain available for marketing product users.

Sidekick Connections

Connections offer a new way to help you discover warm connections you already have to the people and companies to whom you want to talk.


Sidekick for Business users can now do simple, highly targeted nurturing of their prospects. You can enroll a prospect to receive a sequence of templated emails right from inside Gmail or the CRM.

Sidekick for Business + Salesforce

Sidekick for Business users will now also have full access to the Sidekick sidebar right inside Salesforce. This includes all current functionality, including the ability to make calls directly.

@ Mentions

Collaboration within the CRM is now easier than ever before. You can @ mention in any note-taking fields and the recipient of your @ mention will receive an email informing him or her.

Gmail Integration

This feature is still in beta, but will allow CRM users to pull in their full history of interactions into the CRM, including messages both sent and received.

Multiple Deal Pipelines

Another feature still in beta testing, these pipelines will make it possible for teams to set up separate pipelines for different divisions, teams, or products inside the CRM.

HubSpot unveiled a great deal of incredible and business-transforming products and features. To understand these products in more depth, join the Vermont HubSpot User Group on Wednesday, September 30. During this time, we will have discussions about each and help members understand how these new products can complement or enhance current marketing and sales initiatives and reporting.

To learn more about our post-INBOUND user group event and register, click here.


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