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September 11, 2013

Top Announcements From Inbound '13

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HubSpot made some pretty exciting announcements at Inbound 2013, and we’ve got the inside scoop. If you missed out on the Inbound announcements or would like to learn more, this blog post is for you!

We're giving you the details on all the top announcements and product updates you can look forward. So read on for more detailed information of HubSpot’s brand new features!

The Content Optimization System

Perhaps the most important announcement from Inbound 2013, HubSpot has further improved their software to become even more optimized for viewership! The Content Optimization System (COS), is a content management system, but with super powers.

The main goal of the COS is that it is, “optimized for people, not anonymous page views” (HubSpot). Utilizing mobile optimization, integrated and personalized content delivery, social search and a faster content delivery network, the COS is the most advanced content management system out there.

New Breed has had the opportunity to test out the COS pre-launch, and needless to say, we were blown away! Conceivably, the most paramount benefit of the COS is in the ease of use. I must admit, I’m no web-master genius, but using the software’s straightforward tools I am able to create web-pages that are fully-optimized and personalized for all of our varied audiences.

Want a call-to-action on your page? Simply drag and drop from your CTA list. Want your page to be optimized for mobile platforms? No need to worry, already done. You really can’t beat the ease of application, and your customers are the ones who will really benefit from a more customized interface.

 Social Inbox

The second big announcement that came from Inbound ‘13 was the addition of HubSpot’s new Social Inbox. Again, the key play in this new addition is in its ease and convenience. Like many social media marketing tools, HubSpot allows you to create and monitor posts from separate platforms all in one place. However, unlike most social management tools, with social inbox you will be able to better track social elements that are of importance without having to sift through tons of retweets, mentions, likes and posts.

Social inbox is integrated with HubSpot’s contact database, granting more ease in defining who is who, provides segment monitoring and alerts, company-wide management tools, and actionable analytics. What this means is that you will be able to better define who your leads are, track what they’re saying, conveniently respond when appropriate, and determine what's driving conversions. And, all of this is incorporated into one amazing tool!

Smaller, But Still Very Cool Additions

  • Signals – Ever wish you had an assistant to remind you when you need to get in touch with your leads? Well now you have one! The Signals tool sends notifications of when a lead has opened your e-mail, made a change on LinkedIn, and more! This helps direct engagement with your leads to make sure that you’re giving each and every one the nurturing they deserve.
  • New Contacts Report – At the enterprise level, users can now customize reports by any list or segment, allowing for more understanding of how viewers navigate through your content.
  • New Android App –HubSpot dashboard, sources, contacts and grader are now available for android users.
  • New Marketing Grader – “New user interface, more reliable data and really impressive mobile responsive design emulation” (HubSpot).
  • New Features in Iphone App – Introducing calendar view, monitoring, and additions to the contact list for better mobile experience.

HubSpot introduced some very cool and ground-breaking additions at Inbound. Look for more in-depth posts on each of the tools coming soon! Let us know your thoughts and questions on HubSpot’s new features in the comments section below.


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