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March 27, 2014

Everything You Need To Know If You Missed Our HUG Event

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hubspot-user-group-vermontOur 3rd HUG event, “Attracting the Right Traffic and Generating Leads”, was a huge success! We had a great turnout, saw some new faces, and engaged in many excellent conversations throughout the evening. It was a lot of fun networking with our fellow marketers and we can’t wait to do it again!

We know that not all of you were able to make the event (we hope to see you next time!), so we wanted to give a quick recap of the night, share some of our key learnings and give you an opportunity to download the presentation. While the points were expanded during the talks, we still think this is a valuable piece of content that you can learn from.

Without further ado, we're going to tick through our favorite moments of the night! 

Patrick Biddiscombe, our Vice President of Sales & Strategy, kicked off the discussion sharing helpful tips and best practices for attracting more leads with a business blog. We also discussed why business blogging is essential to inbound marketing. 

Blogging is incredibly useful in attracting traffic to your website, but the base of a successful blog is using the right keywords in your content. You can't talk about a successful inbound strategy without including a discussion around keyword optimization.

Samantha Winchell, New Breed’s SEO Strategist, began her portion of presentation by discussing why you should care about keywords and how to shape your keywords around your buyer persona.

Selecting keywords that align with your target customer can be tricky; using indicators from your personas and reviewing terms that your competition is using can be valuable to your keyword selection. Aligning this strategy with provided keyword tools such as Google and HubSpot’s keyword tools will lead you in the right direction to choosing the proper keywords to optimizing your website.

Search engine optimization is essential for strong inbound marketing strategies as it is used to track your marketing efforts and integrate into your blog, social media and email campaigns. Many think SEO may solely be selecting specific keywords, but rather it is a tactic that is essential to maintain content that is relevant to your buyer persona and will optimize your page into being found through searches.

hubspot-social-inbox-toolWe were fortunate enough to have Karin Robinson, a Senior Support Engineer at HubSpot, stress on the importance of social media and how it helps you attract the right leads. 84% of B2B marketers use social media in some form. Social media can be used to attract strangers into visiting your site, increasing the level of engagement with your followers, converting visitors into leads and much more.

You may want to reuse some content that was used in a previous post. This is fine to do; however, your followers don’t want to see the same content over and over again. Try to position it differently so that you are sending the same message just in a different way. We hear that images are always a good idea to post on Facebook, but what about Twitter? Use images on Twitter! You will see an increase in clicks, retweets, favorites, visits, visitor-to-lead conversions, and leads.

It is equally important to continue engagement with your followers as it is to post valuable content. We learned about HubSpot’s Social Inbox through Karin’s presentation and how it is extremely helpful to attract the right traffic. Social Inbox helps you manage your social media to identify who is a lead, a customer, or someone that is not currently a contact. You can also use this tool to recognize practical keywords that you should be incorporating within your SEO strategies.

Overall, there was a lot of great information being circulated from the presentation and questions from our fellow marketers. We were even able to offer blogging and keyword advice to an eager business owner who was interested in writing a blog.There was an excellent collaboration of tips and tricks being shared to help everyone attract the right traffic and generate leads.

If you weren’t able to make it we hope you can join us in June for our 4th HUG event. In the meantime please feel free to join our LinkedIn Group for more information, discussion, or any questions you may have about inbound marketing. 

Download our Presentation: Attracting the Right Traffic  & Generating Leads


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