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May 29, 2014

3 HubSpot Webinars to Mark on Your Calendar

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HubSpot_WebinarsAre you interested in learning new inbound marketing skills? Want to brush up on some HubSpot features you may be rusty on? HubSpot webinars are the place you want to be! HubSpot is a fantastic inbound marketing resource and offers numerous webinars on attracting visitors, converting visitors into leads, closing leads into customers, and other topics around buyer personas and video marketing.

If you’re fascinated by the many tools of HubSpot or simply just need some help, we highly suggest checking out the HubSpot Academy to find which webinar best fits your needs and can increase your skills.

Each of the HubSpot webinars offer an opportunity to hear what users have to say about particular webinars by following #InboundLearning on Twitter. This hashtag also serves as a place to continue the conversation; whether it is about a specific webinar you attended, or talk of anything inbound marketing and HubSpot related.

We would like to extend an invitation to these three upcoming HubSpot webinars! You can register for each webinar to attend live, ask questions and a chance to participate in the discussion.

Take Your Marketing Mobile With HubSpot

Mobile technology is beginning to take over the world. We feel a little lost or empty when we don’t have our smartphone on hand at all times. Since marketing is such an essential component of business today, you may have noticed that it never stops. Taking a break and browsing through your smartphone you most likely see a variety of ads and promotions. Mobile marketing is continuously growing and proves to be a great way to reach an audience that is on the go.

Join Maggie Hibma and Mark Kilens to learn about the ever important mobile app tool and how it can help you with your inbound marketing efforts. This webinar will help HubSpot customers who have an iPhone or Android smartphone learn:

  • How to find and download the mobile app

  • What features and functionality are included

  • How to use each tool on mobile devices

  • How to enable push notifications for contacts and social monitoring

Register for this webinar and mark your calendar to join the fun on June 3rd from 2:00 - 3:00 pm!

HubSpot Integrations: Make Real Magic

Each software platform serves a different purpose (a purpose we usually need throughout our day-to-day tasks), but there is a time when working on too many platforms can get hectic. Multiple software platforms may leave you with incomplete and / or inconsistent data. Integrations will magically help you make your software platforms consistent by helping you achieve a true measurement of your work and how it is helping you reach your goals. Integrations will also play a large role in helping you create actionable plans, nurturing leads, monthly reporting and more.

This webinar series will provide you with instructions on how to integrate your current tools to create an even more efficient marketing strategy. Not sure which tools you should be using? This webinar will also offer suggestions on tools that complement HubSpot the best.

Join Matt Schnitt and Mark Kilens to learn:

  • How to use the Zapier integrations tool with HubSpot

  • What to look for when evaluating software to integrate

  • How to integrate SurveyMonkey with HubSpot (a special guest is included!)

  • How to segment, nurture, and report on third-party data

  • The best way to automate manual tasks

  • Integration best practices

This HubSpot webinar is so magical that it's offered twice! Register to join on June 10th or June 17th from 2:00 - 3:00 pm.

Customer Marketing to Drive Repeat Sales

Nurturing and delighting customers is essential when going through the inbound marketing sales funnel. As inbound marketers, we need to make sure that we are continuing customer engagement even after the product or service is sold. Keeping our customers happy for the entire process and beyond really improves the inbound experience for everyone.

Join Steve Haase, Rebecca Corliss and Mark Kilens to discover how to:

  • Segment your database to ensure your follow-up is ultra-relevant

  • Send proven emails for post-purchase nurturing, including optimal timing, triggers and messages

  • Delight your customers via social media, smart CTA’s. and customer-focused content

  • Increase your customer loyalty without the use of coupons or other discounting tactics

  • Apply these principles using HubSpot’s Workflows tool

These topics are so important that there are three webinars strung together to help you delight your customers and increase post-sale revenue and retention. Join HubSpot if you are a B2B or B2C company who is ready to start leveraging the power of workflows and much more.

  • July 8th - How to Increase eCommerce Customer LTV

  • July 15th - How to Run Successful B2B Customer Marketing

  • July 22nd - Review of Customer Delight Campaigns

Mark your calendar to participate in each of these webinars from 2:00 - 3:00 pm!

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Know of any inspirational and educational webinars? Leave us a comment below so we can check them out!


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