October 9, 2014

Take Your Business to the Next Level with a HubSpot Partner

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HubSpot_Partnership_(1)There’s no question about it, inbound marketing and sales is becoming the future for business growth. But there is a lot that goes into both in order to be successful. Between creating and leveraging content, email, lead generation and assessment, reporting and data analytics, it can be difficult to prioritize what to focus on to achieve your goals.

Managing the different elements of inbound marketing is a full-time job in itself. Wouldn’t it be nice to have a copywriter on staff to dedicate themselves to creating blog posts and premium content offers? Or have someone on staff that pulls together monthly reports from every area of your marketing for further analysis?

In Comes Hubspot.

The Hubspot software has not only revolutionized the face and practice of marketing but created their own inbound marketing and sales step-by-step methodology. Their methodology takes the guesswork out of the actual process and allows you to focus on the “fun” parts; like new campaign ideas, building editorial calendars, and imagining new strategies for lead generation. You know, the big picture stuff.

But….like any other software, it’s not 100% hands-off. In order to leverage the platform and the tools it provides, you still need to get your hands dirty. That means number digging, managing your blogging team, keeping up with social media, creating landing page and more. While HubSpot does make a lot of this much easier, they still need to get completed by someone.

Cue HubSpot Partners.  

By leveraging an outside resource, who has a team of trained experts, could mean the difference between success and failure in getting inbound marketing to produce a healthy return on investment. That’s why HubSpot developed a network of certified resellers (of their marketing software). Due to the depth and potential of inbound marketing, Hubspot Partners can not only provide assistance with the software itself but also act as the backbone for your entire strategy and implementation. So when you’re feeling lost, you’re never really alone.

Partner Tier Structure

Before delving into the advantages of joining forces with a HubSpot Partner, let’s first understand the Partner Tier Structure.

The current structure is composed of four different tiers: Silver, Gold, Platinum and Diamond. These classifications are based on a number of credentials including monthly recurring revenue acquired and managed, client retention, software engagement and inbound marketing success.

Monthly recurring revenue looks at the dollar value of the number of clients a Partner has placed on the HubSpot platform.  Hubspot is offered in three versions: Basic, Professional and Enterprise.

If you’re considering using a HubSpot partner then you’re guaranteed satisfaction before the relationship even begins. HubSpot partners must uphold a level of customer happiness in order to maintain their partner status; the higher you venture into the partner tier, the higher the customer happiness and retention.

You don’t want to waste your time and money, right?

How HubSpot Partners will Take your Business to the Next Level

Each HubSpot Partner is unique in the services they provide for their customers. To align with the HubSpot software they create different programs that could be built on top of each other to help achieve business goals.

HubSpot offers:

  • Search Engine Optimization

  • Blogging

  • Social Media

  • Lead Generation

  • Contact Management

  • Email Marketing

  • Marketing Automation

  • Marketing Analytics

  • ...and more

To best utilize these tools, partners offer a variety of the following services:

  • Streamlined Branding

  • Digital Onboarding

  • Website Redesign

  • Inbound Marketing

  • Sales Enablement

  • Lead Management

  • Digital Support

  • Champion Enablement

  • Social Media

  • Email Marketing

  • Revenue Growth

  • HubSpot Marketing Services

  • Content Creation

  • Blogging

  • Market Analysis

  • ...and more

Benefits of a HubSpot Partnership

1. Expert Knowledge of Inbound Methodology

It’s easy to begin using the HubSpot software and implementing inbound marketing but it’s difficult to find your sweet spot and discover success. With a HubSpot Partner, you have someone there to reach out to regarding any questions. Think of the partnership as your personal HubSpot support, that’s easier to get ahold of.

2. Strategy Guidance

Do you find yourself running out of time when developing your marketing strategy? Is it hard to stay on task when doing so? With a HubSpot Partner, you will (essentially) have a team of marketers behind you pushing you ahead and helping you stay on task all while developing a plan that will help you meet your goals.

3. Streamlined Execution

When it comes to a marketing plan, there are so many different steps that by the time it gets to execution you’re exhausted or have limited time. A HubSpot Partner can help you execute on all of your objectives from email marketing, blogging, social media and content offer campaigns so you can focus on your business.

4. Increased Visibility

Inbound marketing is all about being in the right place at the right time but that means that people need to be able to see you and find you. Here is where search engine marketing and search engine optimization come into play along with link building through blogging and landing pages. It’s a time-consuming process and quick literally a full-time job. So leave it to the professionals and get back to what really matters  - your customers.

5. Professional Design

You may be lucky enough to have an in-house design team, or person but in many cases, companies don’t. By joining forces with a HubSpot Partner, you’re not only able to access marketing support but also digital and graphic support. Any website issues? Solved. New social media graphics? Designed. What could get better than that?

6. Deep Analysis and Reporting

It’s likely that you answer to someone above you and the answers you provide must be in the form of numbers, specifically numbers greater than last month’s numbers. There are many different components to inbound marketing, lots of landing pages, emails, blog posts, CTAs and social posts that all need to assessed and reported on. Again, this is another time-consuming process and one that tends to be a bit confusing. With a HubSpot Partner, all you have to do is request your monthly report (or any report for that matter) and satisfy your boss in no time.

Grow With Confidence

With a HubSpot Partner, you are able to adapt what you sell and how you sell it in order to yield real results. Through data compilation and analysis, partners can help to improve your sales productivity, lower your cost per sale and increase your return on investment. Paired with the HubSpot software, partners can stabilize your cash flow, expand into new areas and drive your business forward with complete confidence and success.

There are many, many more benefits to partnering with a HubSpot expert which all in turn help to take your business to the next level.

So, if you’re ready, it’s time to reach out to a HubSpot Partner today. At New Breed, we are proud Diamond tier Partners and strive to share what we know what our customers and grow your business.

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