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September 11, 2013

5 Tips To Create a Sales-Ready Website on the HubSpot CMS

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HubSpot has just launched their Content Management System (CMS), and it allows for even more customization and personalization than the typical CMS platform you may find for your inbound marketing campaign. We at New Breed have had the opportunity to use HubSpot’s CMS extensively and have come to learn how to effectively manage this platform. Keep reading for our five tips on creating a sales-ready website on the new HubSpot CMS!

1. Clearly Define Personas

If you're already familiar with HubSpot's software and the inbound methodology, you might have already defined your buyer personas. However, if it's been awhile since you've reviewed them, it’s super important to revisit your personas now. This way, you can ensure they're still accurate and relevant to your current business before referencing them while structuring your sales-ready website. This could potentially save you from some heartache in the future.

2. Create a Template that Works for You

Depending on your skill-level, you can decide to customize a default template or you can purchase pre-built templates from HubSpot. Either way, you’ll want to map out the navigation process and make sure that it makes sense for your newly refined buyer personas.

A few things to remember:

  • People read from left to right and from top to bottom
  • The weight and size of elements dictate where the eye goes first
  • If it's difficult to navigate through your site, viewers will look elsewhere
  • Color management and consistent style is critical throughout the site

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3. Alter the Style of Your Template

This is the step that will really make your site unique. Create styles that are cohesive with your brand. Consider using different colors, images, and fonts to personalize your site. Of course, if you’re not comfortable customizing styles yourself, HubSpot also offers an option to hire a designer or you can reach out to partners like New Breed for some help.

4. Create High-Quality Funnel-Driven Content

As you’re creating content, be especially conscientious of the sales and marketing funnel, (attracting customers, converting more leads and driving revenue). You will want to create content that covers each section of the funnel, as well as content that can cover multiple sections. The fundamental idea behind the HubSpot CMS is to enable a customized experience for each visitor on your site.

Viewers who are new to your site will see items meant for top-of-the-funnel sales, while viewers who have downloaded a bunch of content from your site will see bottom-of-the-funnel content. The HubSpot CMS is designed to automatically recognize which stage of the funnel a viewer is at. Therefore, you’ll want to create content that reflects the needs of your personas at every stage of the funnel in order to catch them all.

Using HubSpot’s smart content tools, you will be able to easily determine what each unique visitor is seeing. Ultimately, this customization will lead viewers to keep coming back, and keep receiving more and more targeted content for their needs. For example, the HubSpot CMS offers a very easy-to-use call-to-action (CTA) tool that will enable page creators to drive viewers further into the funnel as they download more content.

As you learn more about this CMS, you will quickly see how useful and proactive the tools are. We have noticed a dramatic increase in traffic, leads and conversions since we switching to the HubSpot CMS.

5. Utilize All Content Opportunities

Content doesn’t always have to be words written on a website page. HubSpot offers easy access to customized site pages, landing pages, blogs, keywords, e-mails, calls-to-action and social media. In using all of these highly effective methods, you will set your inbound marketing campaign up for success.

By following these tips, you can successfully leverage the HubSpot CMS for your new, sales-ready website. Remember, HubSpot offers hundreds of really beneficial tools and options, so you’ll have the opportunity to make a unique, sales-ready site. Also, New Breed offers packages to help build your site on the HubSpot COS, so feel free to contact us with any questions!

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