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May 22, 2013

How to Use Social Media with HubSpot

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Social media is a key piece in an integrated inbound marketing campaign. It helps drive traffic to your website and fill the top of your funnel. It’s an essential part of our Attract phase.

In today’s post, rather than teach your exactly how to use social media, we’re actually going to talk about our social media process in hopes that it may help you to better your own process. We’re going to talk through our current social media plan, and hopefully show you how to use social media in a more efficient (and measurable way). We’ll start with how we used to handle social media internally, with a blind eye to the actual results it was generating for us, to where we are today.

How to Use Social Media the Old Fashioned Way

We all know how many social media tools there are today, and as a marketer at times it can seem overwhelming to determine where to focus your efforts and what will bring the highest return on your investment. Luckily, there are tools that have consolidated the major platforms into one place where you can manage them all together.

Way back when (as in last year because this space moves at warp speed), we used to post on our social media channels individually. Talk about a time sucker. And the worst part of that was that for many of those platforms there isn’t a scheduling option. You have to continue to login throughout the day and push your content out.

Once HootSuite (and the products similar to this) became available, it made our lives so much easier. We had one central location where we could manage each of our different accounts, and we could schedule! That was the biggest improvement to our process. If you haven’t discovered scheduling your posts, it will make your life so much easier.

We simply log on in the morning and schedule the days posts all at once, and then we know that we’re maintaining a consistent presence throughout the day without having to continually checking back in (which can really disrupt the flow of your work day if you’re super busy, or plain won’t happen because you get caught up in the day).


How to Use Social Media the HubSpot Way

But now there’s HubSpot. We know we continue to share all the things we love about this marketing automation platform, and probably will continue to as they release new features.

Pretty much each of the HubSpot features has three purposes:

  1. To make your marketing life easier and more efficient
  2. To give you measure results that help you make more informed marketing decisions
  3. To increase the ROI on your marketing investment

And the social media tool is no different. It designed to streamline and integrate your social media process into the rest of your marketing efforts.

Like you would in HootSuite, HubSpot’s social media tool gives you the ability to schedule your posts and send them out throughout the day. And it lets you connect a bunch of you different accounts, so you can manage each channel from one place.


But what sets HubSpot apart (and really makes them so much better than the other tools out there), is that you can actually see how people are interacting with your posts. You don’t just see how many posts are getting retweeted or shared or liked (etc.), but you can actually see which of your contacts are engaging with your content. It adds another dimension to your inbound marketing campaign that you wouldn’t be able to see with another tool.

And what’s really great is that if you will see which contacts continue to engage with you on social media, which lets you tailor your premium offers to these interactions and hopefully get a conversion more quickly. Just think, if you could show your boss that a tweet you sent out last week resulted in a new customer, you’d be proving the return on the company’s marketing investment.

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