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May 2, 2014

How to Edit a Vine Video & Leverage it for Inbound

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shutterstock_181698506-[Converted]As marketers we are always looking for fun and engaging ways to reach our audience. From a clever tweet to an educational blog post, it’s important to not let our audience fall into a routine.

After all, we don’t want them to get bored! So it’s important to mix it up and start producing content in new and exciting ways.

Social Media is Second Nature

Some days I feel like my smart phone is an extension of my hand. Besides making phone calls and text messaging, I use it to search the Internet, stay up-to-date with social media and check my email. But I think the new favorite trend is sharing and engaging with photos and videos.

So last year when Twitter launched Vine, we were all pretty excited to give it a try. The original app was pretty limited and what you shot was what you got, with absolutely no editing capabilities. But regardless, it caught on, and before we knew it the Internet was flooded with 6 seconds of looping video created by Vine users worldwide. Businesses have even jumped on the Vine trend and are taking advantage of the software to create 6 seconds of advertising, for free!

Not only can these videos be shared on Vine’s own social media network, but they can also be posted on Facebook and Twitter and embedded into code to show up on websites. It was so simple that anyone could do it, so it was not surprising that in April 2013, after its January 2013 release for iPhones, it became the most downloaded free app in the Apple Store. In June 2013 it was released for the Android platform and Time Magazine ranked it as one of the 50 Best Android Apps of 2013.

Editing Your Video

As Vine’s popularity continues to grow, they have updated the software in response to a demand to edit. The newest version of this app includes what they called Time Travel, the ability to rearrange and delete clips of video before posting them online. Although these editing capabilities are still pretty limited, they are easy to master and fit in with Vine’s simple format.

Follow these 5 very easy steps to learn how to edit a Vine video and post to your account:

1. After you have shot a video containing at least 2 different scenes, touch “edit” button in the upper right corner. The scenes will now be displayed across the bottom in small icon boxes.

2. To reorganize the order of the scenes touch the icon you want to move. Holding your finger over the scene so it remains highlighted, drag and drop the icon to the place you would like it to be played in.

3. To delete a scene touch the icon you want removed and drag it up towards the top of your screen. A red bar with a trash can image will appear and placing your scene in it will delete the unwanted footage.

4. To save changes touch “save” in the top right corner.

5. To post your edited video touch the check mark at the bottom of your screen.

Helpful Tips

Although Vine does not allow you to do incorporate any advanced effects yet, there a few tricks you can do to get the look you want:

  • To create a stable, clear and professional looking shot use a tripod and lighting (natural sunlight works best) to eliminate blurriness and shadows.
  • Use lenses or translucent objects (like colored glass or a soda bottle) to create your own filter.
  • To give the sense of a transition between shots consider taking a scene shot of a black piece of paper or a light turning off and placing this in between your scenes.

Vine for Inbound

Vine is a great way to add some excitement to your Twitter or Facebook posts. While scrolling through your social media accounts it’s hard to overlook a clip of moving video. Take advantage of this and make a Vine video for your business. Have a plan and purpose in mind before you begin shooting and start simple. You can fit a lot into 6 seconds but you don’t want to overwhelm your users. Even though you won’t be able to track the video's effectiveness by measuring click-through rates, you can see if your video was shared or if your page saw an increase in followers after you started posting Vines.

There are tons of ways to incorporate Vine into your inbound marketing methods. Here are a few suggestions:

  • Show off a new product: Give your audience a quick tutorial or a few different angles of something that your business offers. Make it captivating and try not to cram too many images into the 6 second window. If there are too many images flipping by in the video your viewer will find it hard to focus and not get a clear picture of your product.
  • Give a sneak peek: Spark some interest in something new to your business with a 6 second preview. Revealing a sneak peek of something you’re excited about will generate buzz before it’s even released and may gain you some new followers who will be excited to get the latest updates.
  • Personalize your business: Give a “behind the scenes” look into your workplace. Vine did this when they first launched the software by showing a funny clip of two Vine employees dancing in the office surrounded by desks of other employees working.
  • Show off a case study or testimonial: Take a few short clips of businesses showing success with something you offer or focus on one company at a time to give a more detailed look. Remember that even though Vine allows for audio the video will loop on mute until the viewer decides to click on it, so take advantage of the audio aspect without making it a focal point.
  • Document your initiatives: Does your business participate in a community event? Or maybe you are giving a seminar? These are great opportunities to get some footage and go viral with them.

There are tons of creative ideas you can utilize to make a fantastic Vine video and I’m sure we will be seeing more updates to the software in the near future. Don't forget to browse the Vine archives for some inspiration!

Post your comments below to let us know tricks that have worked for you and also you’re favorite videos!

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