August 21, 2018

How to Choose the Best CRM Software for Your Business

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how to choose the best CRM software for your business

Congratulations! You have customers. Lots of customers? Then you definitely need a customer relationship management software. There's a reason that CRM has become an estimated $40 billion industry worldwide: it's essential for effectively managing the inbound sales process, delighting customers with positive ongoing relationships and measuring and reporting on sales success.

It's more than just a list of contacts. Enterprise CRM software enables sales representatives to manage their pipelines more efficiently — ensuring a seamless customer experience and pushing the needle on your bottom line. But if you came here looking for the best CRM software, period, then you're looking in the wrong place. Every business operates differently, and the CRM software you choose should mirror your business's sales process as closely as possible.To help you narrow down your options and choose the right CRM software for your business, we've outlined some key features and capabilities to look for.

How to Choose the Best Enterprise CRM Software for Your Business

Ease of Use

Enterprise CRM software is intended to be the home base for sales representatives to book deals and manage their pipelines. If the tool is cumbersome, clunky or difficult to navigate, they'll be less likely to use it properly — and your efficiency, data accuracy and ROI will suffer.

Depending on the complexity of your sales process and the technical acumen of your team, ease of use is going to be a huge factor to consider. To determine the right level of user-friendliness, consider who will be using the CRM, how complex your sales process is and how difficult the software will be to service.


Integrations are a critical component of any enterprise CRM software. Your team may require several different systems and features to run effectively. If you can't find a CRM software that includes all of them, then you should at least look for one that's compatible with multiple systems.

For example, if your team regularly uses ZenDesk for ticketing, you'll want to be able to pull that information into your CRM as easily as possible. And while marketing teams don't typically work within the CRM system, it should still easily connect to marketing platforms for better reporting and optimization.

Workflows and Approvals

Find an enterprise CRM software that will streamline your workflows and make lead and sales management that much easier. The platform should be intuitive end-to-end, from the moment a deal comes into play to the moment the customer signs the dotted line.

Within the CRM, you should be able to record any calls, emails or other interactions your sales team has with leads and customers. Sales representatives should be able to easily access any spreadsheets or transcripts for answering common customer questions, approving discounts or tracking the status of deals. If you capture signatures using platforms like DocuSign or Salesforce, then these systems should be easily integrated into the CRM as well.

how to choose the best CRM software for your business

Reporting Capabilities

A CRM is a database at its core — and with any database comes the need to organize, filter, analyze and report on that data. With accurate data and an effective reporting system, you can measure the success of your company and optimize your strategy accordingly. For example, if you're a software company, CRM reporting features enable you to measure churn rates and customer engagement.

Choose a CRM with reporting features or integrations that meet your business needs. Ideally, the reporting system will allow you to create custom fields to track and measure specific questions and concerns.


Customization will be a critical consideration in finding the right CRM software for your business. There are different CRM software solutions available for different industries, and even within those industries, each business operates differently. You may need custom filters, fields and reporting capabilities depending on who you are and how you operate.

Consider your sales process and decide the level of customization you'll need in order to follow that process within the CRM. After all, why settle for a mismatched solution when you could tailor one specifically to your needs?


If you're looking to scale, any business decision you make should be made with the future in mind — and your enterprise CRM software is no exception. Weigh your current business needs against your long-term goals, and choose a CRM software that will grow with your business, not against it.

That's one of the reasons New Breed chose HubSpot as our CRM software: HubSpot is constantly adding new features and capabilities as time goes on, so we knew that the platform would continue to evolve with our business.

Enterprise CRM Software: The Linchpin to Scalable Success

At New Breed, our sales representatives and business development representatives live in our HubSpot CRM day to day. In it, they manage their contacts, create views of contacts to call throughout the day and filter those contacts based on priority. When they view a contact record, all of the relevant information is there — including any marketing information the contact interacted with, recent conversions, other representatives they've been speaking with and any additional notes those representatives may have taken. That means:

... and more! A comprehensive, integrated CRM software is key to effective sales management, from the moment a visitor becomes a sales-qualified lead to long beyond they become loyal customers. Evaluate your options carefully and you'll be able to make the smartest decision for your business — for seamless customer relationship management and sustained success.

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