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December 12, 2013

How to Delight Your Customers over the Holidays

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holiday-marketing-delighting-customersHappy Holidays!

The most wonderful time of the year is here! It's time to get in the holiday spirit and start showing our appreciation for our customers. We want to thank you for your continued engagement throughout the year. 

In case you haven't noticed, we think the holiday season is a perfect time to delight our customers - with giving and receiving at the top of our minds, let's focus on how we can give a special appreciation to our customers.

Inbound marketers, if you only have one thing on your businesses holiday to-do list this year it should be this: remind your customers how grateful you are for their continued loyalty. In today's post we want to guide you through a few examples of delighting your customers during the holiday season. Trust us, it's sure to put a smile on their face and put them in the holiday spirit. 

Strategize for your Campaign

The holiday season is a perfect time to launch a more creative campaign than you normally would because your readers are in the festive mindset and won't be averse to seeing something a little different from you. In fact, we'll hedge a bet that it will actually entice them to engage and fill them up with that infectious holiday spirit.

BUT...before you can implement a holiday marketing campaign you need to have a goal, strategy and objective that will resonate with your customers. And you know, this goes for any marketing campaign that you launch - without a goal or strategy, you'll never be able to measure whether those efforts were effective or not.

One thing to remember is that your customers very well could have differing religious beliefs and celebrate different holidays. Keep this in mind as you're brainstorming your campaign theme. If you realize that your messages won't align with your personas, then perhaps consider something different.

We suggest, rather than focusing on the traditional holidays, you can opt for offers and content that will align with New Years instead. New Years is a more universal holiday that represents more than just cheer. For example, "How to Transition your Company to Inbound Marketing" is a perfect example of starting something new. This will pair well with a New Years focused campaign.

Stay Social this Holiday Season

Social media can be one of the biggest assets to your inbound marketing campaign. Don't lose sight of its value when you are spreading holiday cheer. Here are a few ways you can start getting festive with your favorite networks.

  1. Update your Theme or Design: Update your cover photo on Facebook or your background on Twitter with a festive design that celebrates the holiday season. Don't forget to incorporate your brand elements into whatever theme you decided to use.
  2. Include Holiday Related Stories: During the holiday season you should try to implement holiday related topics relevant to your business. Try including holiday marketing trends in your next blog post and relate it to a topic that applies to your industry.
  3. Shine the Spotlight on your Company: We understand how hectic the office can get, but step away from the computers for a few hours to volunteer at a local food shelf, or work as a team to decorate the office. Take pictures and share your holiday activities on your social channels and blog. Your readers will appreciate the humor and genuineness of it.

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Support your Customers this Holiday Season

Your customers are trying to find a balance this holiday season - it's a hectic time of year for all of us. From diving into end-of-year budgeting and planning, to attending (and hosting) holiday parties, wrapping gifts and spending time with friends and family, it can be busy to say the least. 

By identifying a common problem or pain point the may be experiencing, you can provide value to bring them some relief. For example, offering a specific template that's just for your customers to help with planning, or giving them an ebook that talks about how to end the year with a marketing bang. By focusing on a pain point you can give your customers an experience they haven't and can't find anywhere else. And by offering it to just your customers, there is an exclusivity about it, and they will appreciate that you're doing things just for them. 

Use Special Promotions to Get More Excitement

One of the best ways to encourage engagement this holiday season is with special contests and promotions. Start thinking of ways to inspire your customers and prospects this holiday season. Consider partnering with a local charity, or hosting an event that encourages attendees to bring a non-perishable food item or toy for those in need this holiday season.

Alternatively, you can offer special deals or specials on your products / services. This could help you hit your year-end numbers - everyone loves a good deal. If doing this across the board isn't an option for you, consider just offering a special for your customers. Again, this will make them feel special and loved - encouraging them to keep you in mind for next year's planning.

Put your Creativity to the Test

With so many campaigns launching this holiday season, it's important to focus on how your campaign can stand out from the competition. One of the best ways to make your campaign shine this holiday season is to keep it cheery and festive, and throw some humor in there. 

This is supposed to be a fun, exciting time of year, so adding fun messages and graphics to your holiday marketing can really inspire your audience. HubSpot found that 90% of information transmitted to the brain is visual, and visuals are processed 60,000X faster in the brain than text. So keep it lively, keep it fun, keep it light.

Since visual content has such a huge impact, start thinking of how you can leverage Instagram or Pinterest this holiday season. Motivate your audience to participate by promoting a win your "dream" board contest. If you want to opt for something more design focused, run a contest that encourages your audience to create a holiday-inspired infographic that ties in with your brand. The winner will receive something special - free marketing consultation perhaps?

Leverage Inbound Marketing Materials for the Holidays

Start brainstorming ways in which you can promote your brand and services using content and the inbound marketing methodology. There are many premium content offers (PCOs) you can leverage during this time of year to help guide them through the sales funnel while delighting them at the same time. 

  1. eBooks and Whitepapers 10 Best Practices for Preparing your Holiday Marketing Campaign
  2. Webinars Let's get festive with customer engagement emails
  3. Holiday inspired promotions, contests and giveaways Ugly Sweater Competition

Whatever works for you business - keep it relevant, valuable and most importantly, make sure it aligns with your buyer personas.

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