June 6, 2014

The Future of Marketing and Sales

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We had a great turnout for our “Future of Marketing + Sales” event! It was so much fun to be able to celebrate Inbound Marketing Week with our fellow marketing and sale professionals. There were a lot of great questions for the panelists and a ton of information circulated throughout the room.

Our panel of marketing + sale professionals included:

  • Robin Gronlund, Director of Marketing at UVM

  • Dave Fisher, Owner of Aerie Consulting

  • Chris Vintinner, Account Manager at Control Technologies

  • Marc Okrant, Director of Marketing at Casella

In case you weren’t able to make the event, we don’t want you to miss out on all the great things that we talked about. Below, you can find the key takeaways from our Q & A time with the panelists. And don’t forget to check out our B2B Inbound Marketing Group on LinkedIn to continue the conversation!

How do you drive sales via social media?

  • HubSpot’s Social Inbox allows you to monitor each social interaction by accessing your contacts database. For easy viewing and organization, Social Inbox color codes your customers and leads.

  • Using this info, you can easily engage with your followers, and start a conversation.

  • You can also push persona-specific content to each of your personas.

How can you get around “not provided” keywords?

  • There are many tools that will tell you if your content is optimized to a specific keyword, including HubSpot’s SEO View.

  • Try optimizing each page for 1 keyword and track your pages to see what is the most effective.

  • HubSpot Analytics helps you measure and optimize your whole marketing funnel.

What is more important: greater reach or compelling content?

  • Compelling content is more important than reach. You can leverage your content to increase reach. The key to remember is the definition of “compelling”, which should be determined by your personas.

  • Content that is created for your personas will attract them to your site.

  • You can buy reach, but you can’t buy conversion.

What should you do if your company doesn’t have an inbound platform?

  • Start using HubSpot!

  • It is never too early or too late to begin your inbound adventure.

  • Think about your business goals, plans and challenges. Invest in a platform that can deliver ROI on your efforts.

  • It’s a great time to evaluate your platforms and be sure that they are going to integrate. At the end of the day the goal is to unify sales, marketing and customer service so you need your platforms to do the same.

Do you expect blog posts to continue to be a good source of inbound traffic for the foreseeable future?

  • Absolutely, blogs are the place where all relevant content lives and can be found through searches. Without it, it’s much harder to attract new customers.

  • Content on a blog has a long life span. A blog filled with helpful, informative content will prevent you from having to reinvent the wheel with your new viewers.

  • We see blog posts being more important than ever. With that said, we see the blog architecture changing.

What are our options if subject matter experts don’t have a lot of time to develop high value content?

  • Hire content creators (even if it’s part-time or freelance). Good content creators are able to intelligently research and write about topics they may not be familiar with.

  • Google keyword planner can help writers research keywords and concepts that are related to your ideas and topics.

  • “Work with an inbound partner like New Breed. They use a journalistic approach to deliver our content.” - Dave Fisher, Owner of Aerie Consulting

How do I make a service as sexy as a product?

  • Try to make your service look like a product.

  • Tell your story by creating relevant and compelling content. This can be featured through a case study on your website.

  • Define your personas so you know who you are speaking to and how to reach their needs.

  • B2B does not have to be boring. Take note of best practices of B2C and think about how you can apply them to your business and brand.

Starting from square one, what’s the best way to increase Google rankings?

  • Optimize your web-pages following best practices.

  • Consider implementing a long-tail keyword strategy. Lower competition, more specific terms typically offer higher conversions than high-level, high competition terms. Often times, this can be generated through a blog.

  • Encourage shares by providing interesting, compelling content.

  • Consider using pay-per-click (PPC) for sponsored postings.

  • When considering SEM, try raising your keyword bids to potentially improve your quality score.

How do you know when a lead is “sales ready”?

  • HubSpot lets you view which pages your leads have visited.

  • New Breed worked with us to score each lead and categorizes them into lifecycle stages so you can determine who is most qualified at a glance.

    Lifecycle Stages

      • Subscribers

      • Lead

      • Marketing Qualified Leads

      • Sales Qualified Lead

      • Opportunities

      • Customer

      • Evangelists

      • Other

If you have any questions or comments about Aligning your marketing and sales, please leave us a comment below!

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