June 26, 2017

Our Top 5 Blogs on Marketing and Sales Metrics

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The clutter of information on marketing and sales metrics lately has been overwhelming. Even more overwhelming is the fact that all of that information is extremely relevant and important to the growth and success of your business. We've decided to help you de-clutter and stay informed with these five quickly consumable blogs on marketing and sales metrics.

1. Best Insightsquared Reports and What They Say About Your Marketing Efforts 

Here we discuss the importance of using "Total Revenue" as the primary metric used to measure business success. This post reviews exactly how you can use InsightSquared reports to understand marketing contribution to your pipeline, a practice which will keep your teams and objectives connected and aligned.  READ MORE

2. Sales Ops: Take the Lead on Sales-Marketing Alignment 

You know by now that the old saying “numbers don’t lie” is, ironically, a lie. The thing is, when used correctly, data gets us a lot closer to the truth than intuition or guesswork ever can. In this post, InsightSquared discusses the importance of making marketing and sales alignment the primary focus for those whose jobs are to optimize the efficiency of the revenue acquisition process. READ MORE

3. 5 Marketing Reports used by Remarkable B2B CMOs to Fuel Growth

B2B marketing is becoming more data-driven by the day, and CMOs are expected by both their peers and their boards to provide clear reports that detail the exact results of their company's marketing investment. With that in mind, New Breed created this blog to showcase the reports you can use to demonstrate your value. READ MORE

4. The Metrics Needed To Run Your SaaS Business

SaaS metrics are extremely nuanced, and it can be hard to figure out exactly how to get the most complete and realistic understanding of your company’s growth. There’s a lot to pay attention to when measuring the growth trajectory of your SaaS business. Luckily in this post, InsightSquared explains how bringing SaaS reporting into your everyday operations can accelerate growth and maximize retention. READ MORE

5. 3 Ways to Prove Your Marketing Efforts are Valuable to your CFO 

It’s likely you’re not framing your marketing efforts in a way that fully resonates with your CFO. In this post, New Breed explains how you as a marketing professional can present revenue attribution from marketing in a manner that addresses your CFO’s main concerns. READ MORE

A Little Bit Goes a Long Way

There's certainly more than enough information out there to become an expert on marketing and sales metrics. But finding information that's applicable to your specific business, industry, and tech stack can be tricky to find. Hopefully, the blogs above give you the insights on the reporting, metrics, and operations you need to see real revenue growth.

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