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August 21, 2013

How the HubSpot COS Improves Your Inbound Marketing

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HubSpot's Content Optimization System (COS)Over the years as inbound marketing has grown and evolved, managing your campaigns and measuring their success has always been separated into different platform management systems. With HubSpot’s new Content Optimization System (COS) this can now all change. Differing from your traditional Content Management System (CMS), the HubSpot COS’ all in one nature can transform your inbound marketing and take it to the next level.

System Optimization Integration

First and foremost the HubSpot COS’ all in one nature allows you to manage all aspects of your digital and inbound marketing efforts in one easy to navigate operating system. Contact lists, managing leads, your website and blog, social media channels, analytics, and your landing and conversion pages are all easily accessible in one easy to manage platform. What gets better than that!

Content Personalization

In an attempt to help you foster more leads and grow your client base the HubSpot COS also has the ability to personalize content for website visitors. The new Smart Features like Smart CTAs, Smart Content, and Smart Forms make this possible.

  • Smart Calls-to-Action

Based on the activity from a user’s previous visit to your site, whether it be an Ebook download, viewing a whitepaper, etc., the HubSpot COS has the ability to develop relevant CTAs for the next time the user visits your site.

  • Smart Content

The HubSpot COS also allows you to tailor content for specific users. Based on a user’s previous visit and their status in your lead funnel you now have ability to customize the content for specific visitors. The COS is the first of its kind to develop content that recognizes the needs of a particular visitor and can create content accordingly.

  • Smart Forms

These forms have the ability to remember a visitor’s information, as well as save them burden of ever having to type in their information again. This feature also gives you the ability to garner new information from these potential leads by asking different questions each time they visit your site.

Optimized Performance

And finally the overall performance of the HubSpot COS will improve your inbound marketing. As a fast and safe operating system that will allow you to create a sales-r eady website, monitor all aspects of your inbound and digital marketing campaigns, personalize content, and manage your social media platforms and company blog with ease, the HubSpot COS’ will undoubtedly take your inbound marketing to the next level.

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