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November 15, 2013

How to Revamp your Journalism Degree for An Inbound Marketing Career

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how to revamp your journalism degree for an inbound marketing career

Every successful inbound marketer knows that creating content is extremely valuable to driving traffic and generating leads for their business. But what if you’re not a marketer; you’re a journalist in an inbound marketing world? We want to help you revamp that journalism degree to excel in the marketing industry!  

Content with a Purpose

Creating valuable content is essential to your inbound success because it is at the heart of your web presence. If you lack a strong web presence then you can kiss those visitors and leads goodbye! Journalists can take a lead on content with their background and reporting style.

Take everything you learned on reporting and use it to develop your content strategy. Determine how you can survey customers, prospects and sales / customer teams to identify their content needs. With proper strategy you can start developing content that people WANT to read.

With journalism, the majority of content is relevant and important – they also understand and adapt well to quick, pop-up deadlines. Not only is their process quick, efficient, timely and important – but it also educates the reader. These qualities are extremely important to a successful inbound marketing strategy – and can be used to excel as an inbound marketer.

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Build Strategy Around your Target Audience

Everyone has their own target audience, right? Journalists, when you are determining who your buyer personas are (or determining the buyer personas for a client) think of it as the target audience you would report to. You wouldn’t put a story on lifestyle and leisure in the sports section of a newspaper, would you? Absolutely not – so think of that when you’re writing for your buyer personas. If your buyer personas are young-business professionals who are fresh out of college, deliver content that is oriented to their current lifestyle and situation – like budgeting or how to revamp your social media page for potential employers.

Don’t Forget the Principles of Journalism

Answering the 5 W's – who, what, where, when and why has always been the starting point for journalists. Don’t lose sight of that principle that was drilled into your brain on the first day of school. Using these principles can help you develop quality, relevant content – complete with a beginning, middle and end. You need to decide who your buyer personas are, what type of content you’re going to deliver, when you’re going to publish it (timing is simply everything) and why it’s relevant to your consumer.

So journalist, you’re a little new to the inbound marketing world – that’s totally fine! Utilize your skills to revamp your inbound marketing strategy and you’ll be climbing the inbound ladder in no time!

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