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January 7, 2014

How to Maximize Contact Form Conversion Rates

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We always love sharing blog posts from industry experts outside of New Breed with you because there are some really smart people out there that we can all learn from.

Today's post is all about conversion rates, specifically the conversion rates of your contact forms. Do you know how you can improve them? Are you following best practices when setting up your forms?

There are lots of best practices out there for setting up contact and landing page forms, many of which contradict themselves, so we know it can get confusing at times. Is it best to just follow just one or should you use a compilation of them all?

Luckily, Neil Patel and the folks at Crazy Egg created this post to give us a quick-glance resource that outlines what we should and shouldn't be doing to increase the conversion rates of our contact forms. And they've referenced many of the industry leaders for the stats, so this is a great collection of ideas that shows you the steps you can take to maximize the conversion rates on your contact forms.

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