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August 12, 2013

5 Tips To Save Time as an Inbound Marketer

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Time-Saving_Schedule-smIf you’ve ever been involved in the world of inbound marketing, you know that it is a timely process and a long-term commitment. Although inbound marketing is a well-proven method of business for b2b organizations, the issue of time still remains. There are only so many hours in a day, so tips on saving time for B2B sales is crucial for any business.

It’s all about lead generation in sales. However, without a proper plan in place, companies will generate leads and put them on an excel spreadsheet – where they go to die. Don’t let your leads fizzle out; manage your time effectively and devote more time to your valuable leads!


Although you might think you can just jump into whatever task is at hand, it is always important to properly plan your initiative before executing. It’s as simple as this: If you plan well, you spend less time correcting mistakes.

First, we want to think about our target personas, how we want them to engage with our content, and the next steps after they engage. Think about your audience when creating any content, and develop a course of action to maximize the reach of your message.

Say you’re writing a blog on a topic that you consider yourself very knowledgeable on; while it may be easy for you to write about what you know, your thoughts may seem scattered and hard to follow if not structured properly. Create an outline or wire frame that you can easily revisit while creating your marketing masterpiece.

When you make a conscious effort to plan ahead, you will end up benefiting your company and creating happier customers. While at times it can be great to improvise, you’ll generally want to save that skill for comedy clubs. It is in everyone’s best interest to plan. When you’re planning ahead you're coming in prepared.


Content is king in the world of B2B marketing, and producing great content can be overwhelming and time-consuming. Rather than stick with the labor-intensive model of creating new content for every opportunity that comes along, re purposing your current content can be an extremely effective method for saving time and money.

Re-purposing your content involves planning (see above) and executing content that can be used in a wide variety of formats. Ideal items to re purpose are consumable at multiple stages of the buying cycle and relatable across multiple personas.

Examples of ideal content sources to re-purpose:

  • PowerPoint decks can become articles, and blog posts. Leverage the research you’ve already performed and turn it into visual content for your leads, or powerful supporting materials used for future presentations.
  • Develop a standardized list of your company’s products and services that provides information on each product or service. When someone contacts you to inquire about a product or service, simply grab what you need from the document and send it their way.
  • Create white papers with future presentations in mind. Develop a white paper that you can give a webinar on. Use content from white papers to develop short news articles or blog posts.


The marketing world is constantly changing as new tactics and methodologies become available, but to be successful in the modern marketing world one must utilize some sort of marketing automation. Marketing automation offers marketers the opportunity to specifically select prospects based on their profiles and behavior. From there, marketers can easily develop custom messaging to drive scalable, measurable, and consistent demand-generating campaigns.

When used correctly, marketing automation platforms, like HubSpot, can build your lead generation in an effortless manner, limiting the amount of time and resources needed to generate leads. Users can develop custom lead scoring methods that group site traffic into specific categories based off their credentials and behavior. Content and custom lead scoring methods can take time to finalize; however, it’s worth it in the end when your marketing automation saves your company time and effort in securing leads.

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Every marketing strategy must deliver results that can be measured to determine which ones are most effective. Often, companies will fall victim to following the “hot trend” of the moment without actually knowing if their efforts are paying off. However, blindly throwing money at the latest trend is not always the best option.

The bottom line is companies need to be able to accurately measure their return on investment in order to reveal what is truly generating revenue. A great way to measure your marketing efforts is by utilizing your marketing automation tools to track how leads are generated. Most platforms impart insight to key information on marketing effort’s ROI. Determine which efforts are working, and increase their use, while decreasing use of efforts that are not driving revenue.


Being solution oriented will carry a long way in marketing. Although we all like to talk about how great our products and services are, in the end it's about what the customer wants. We need to start talking and thinking in terms of customer interests.

Constantly speaking in terms of your company can be a trap. What resonates with you may not resonate with your prospect. What's more important is that your prospect is new to your product and service. Don’t assume that a new customer has the same knowledge that you do. Take the time to educate your prospect on the fields that are most important to them. Talk in terms of their interests to generate a higher response rate, and you'll find yourself saving time, and ultimately turning prospects into clients.

Needless to say, implementing these tips into your daily life at work will definitely save you time. Not to mention, through the use of these time-saving tactics, you will also save money and generate new leads for your company. Don’t allow your hard-earned leads to sit on an obscure excel sheet – capture them!

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