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July 16, 2012

Account Executives are Awesome

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One thing I’ve learned through my years of being an Account Executive (AE) here at New Breed is that both our creative studio and our clients are constantly bringing amazing creative ideas and marketing strategies to the table. The question is, once that genius idea is generated, what happens next? How do we move these ideas forward and put them into action that will generate the results they deserve?

Enter the AE.

Many of the campaigns we execute involve quite a few people and a number of different tactics that need to work together seamlessly for the campaign to…well…actually work! One slip up or one detail missed can really derail the project and have a negative impact on the goal of the campaign. In a B2B environment, generally this means missed opportunities for new revenue.

The AE’s responsibility typically revolves around staying a few steps ahead of the project, by communicating with the client and studio on a very regular basis. An important aspect of this is to ensure all key stakeholders on the client side have provided the necessary information, and that the creative studio of the firm has all of the information they need to execute at the highest level. In essence, the AE needs to be a control freak (a very nice control freak, of course), while advocating for both the client and the studio to be sure that everyone is ALWAYS on the same page and no details are missed.

As the client, you should feel that your AE could just as easily be working in your offices, right alongside you. This does not mean merely planning ahead and scheduling, but your AE should also have a strong understanding of your business and the problem you are seeking to solve for YOUR customers. Through proactive communication with key stakeholders, coupled with their in-depth knowledge and marketing expertise, your AE will help in assessing your long term goals and objectives, while offering potential solutions to your challenges.

In short, a strong marketing partnership requires a great relationship with your AE, and an effective AE will work their tail off to make you successful!

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