October 13, 2015

20 of the Best Slide Decks for SaaS Leaders [SlideShare]

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One of the best things about being a SaaS business today is the sheer number of resources available to founders and leaders. We've found that SlideShare is one of the best media for finding this content. In today's post we're going to look at a complete list of the best presentations on SaaS metrics, growth, marketing, sales, customer success and funding.

Let's dive in.

The best slide decks for SaaS leaders

SaaS Metrics

1. The SaaS Business Model

SaaS maestro David Skok explores the key drivers behind the SaaS business model, including churn, the SaaS cash-flow gap and funnel economics. This presentation covers all the fundamentals to a sustainable SaaS business.

2. SaaS Accounting: The Blueprint to Understanding and Optimizing

Ever caught yourself wondering how to move from bookings to MRR and recognized and deferred revenue? Then this is the presentation for you. 

3. Nine Worst Practices in SaaS Metrics

"Garbage in, garbage out," as the saying goes. In this presentation Christoph Janz examines the pitfalls of underestimating churn and ignoring cohort analysis.

4. SaaStr at Dreamforce '14: Benchmarking Your Start-Up: How Am I Doing — Really?

There is a lot of information about benchmarking growth against public SaaS companies. However, this isn't always the best comparison. In fact, benchmarking against early-stage companies can be more beneficial. In this presentation Jason Lemkin examines the growth of TalkDesk and GuideSpark.

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5. Startup Killer: CAC, LTV and Other Metrics that Will Break You

Another gem from David Skok, this time looking at the key metrics and business ratios that can set a business up to be the next unicorn or a company still struggling to find product-market fit.


6. How to Develop Your SaaS Pricing Model

Developing the pricing structure of your SaaS business can be one of the biggest challenges, and also one of the most important factors, that will determine success. In this presentation, Lincoln Murphy discusses the key factors at play.

7. The Secrets to SaaS Pricing

In the same vein as above, this presentation from Lars Lofgren of KissMetrics covers the right and wrong ways to pick a price, the three models of SaaS pricing and eight pricing hacks to give you an edge.

Marketing & Sales

8. Go-to-Market Best Practices for Startups

Getting ready to scale your SaaS? This presentation from Andreessen Horowitz will give you the tools to think through and visualize your go-to-market strategy.

9. SaaS Marketing Plan: Five Ways to Get Your B2B App to Sell Itself

This presentation from Lincoln Murphy discusses the necessary steps to attract the right audience, remove barriers, drive engagement and make it easy to buy your product.

10. A SaaS Metric Designed to Increase Free Trial Conversions

Another one from the Lincoln Murphy collection, this time looking at how to use common conversion activities in a trial to increase free-to-paid conversion rates.

11. Lean Analytics Cycle

In this presentation from Hiten Shah, he outlines how companies can use the principles of continuous improvement and lean analytics to drive growth.

12. What is Pipeline Marketing?

In this presentation, the team at Bizible outlines how B2B marketing is changing and how marketers today can use pipeline marketing to make more informed decisions.

13. Go-To-Market Strategy for B2B SaaS Companies

This presentation outlines the two main customer acquisition strategies a B2B startup might use to take their product to market.

14. How to Hire a Great VP of Sales

Knowing how and when to make new executive hires isn't easy. In this presentation, Jason Lemkin outlines the key inflection points and decision making criteria that should be used to hire (and fire) your first VP of sales.

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Customer Success

15. How to Drive Growth with Customer Success Metrics

The best SaaS companies understand that lasting growth is built on customer success. In this presentation, a panel of experts discuss how customer success can be used to grow revenue within your existing customer base.

16. Slack's Ali Rayl on Scaling Support for User Growth

In this presentation, Ali Rayl of Slack discusses how Slack built and scaled its customer-support team through each of its major growth phases.

17. A Guide to SaaS Churn Rate

Churn can be the silent killer of SaaS businesses. In this presentation the folks at ChartMogul discuss why churn is so important, and how it should be measured and managed.

18. How (and When) to Hire a Great VP of Customer Success Management CSM

Just like the VP of sales we saw earlier, the VP of customer success is a critical hire in the growth of a SaaS business. In this presentation, experts from Gainsight, Redpoint and Box discuss the timing of hiring as well as the qualities to look for in a great candidate.

Venture Capital

19. Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) Secrets to Raising Venture Capital

Take a deep dive into the evolution of the SaaS marketplace, why VCs pass on SaaS companies (even when they're growing revenue) and learn about the SaaS Quick Ratio in this SaaStr presentation from Mamoon Hamid.

20. Tom Tunguz Talk at Wharton San Francisco

In this presentation, Tom Tunguz discusses the forces that are shaping the early-stage venture-capital market today, and what these trends mean for companies looking to raise funds.

Are there any other Slideshare presentations focused on B2B SaaS startups that you think would be useful for SaaS leaders? Let us know in the comments below!

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