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November 12, 2014

15 Best Practices for Business Blogging [Free Ebook]

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Blog-best-practicesDid you know that creating relevant, persona-driven content can help you achieve many of your marketing goals and ultimately generate revenue and grow your business?

Where advertising is the backbone of marketing, content is the heart of inbound marketing. When we say content, we’re not just talking about words on a page; content comes in many different forms from blogging to social media to emails. Relevant, actionable content is one of the best resources you can have to ultimately boost your business.

Content marketing is extremely effective if executed properly. One asset of your content marketing strategy should be a blog. Integrating a business blog helps give your company greater online visibility. Essentially, you’ll have a larger online presence - from search engines to social media. Business blogging can help you achieve a number of different business and marketing goals while hitting monumental benchmarks. Including the following:

  • Increase qualified traffic to website - Following inbound best practices, optimized and targeted calls-to-action placed at the end of blog post can help weed of the qualified leads from the unqualified.
  • Build online presence - By weaving key words and terms (your buyer personas resonate with) your blog, and website, are liable to become more visible to your ideal customers, who are ultimately the people you want to see on your site.
  • Generate leads - HubSpot found that 57% of companies who publish a business blog acquire a customer through a blog-generated lead.

One of our most popular content resources is our ebook, 15 Best Practices for Business Blogging, which covers how to turn your current blog into a runaway success. Whether you’re just getting started with a business blogging, or even if you’re a business blogging pro, we can help you turn your blog into an effective marketing and lead generation tool.

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