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B2B Marketing and the Value of Content

Galen Dow
Jun 21, 2011 2:05:00 PM  |  Galen Dow

Lead your leads to value, not a sale.  

Screen-shot-2011-06-21-at-9.21.21-AM-300x61Last week I made my annual journey down to Boston for the Marketing Profs B2B Forum ; held this year at the Boston Park Plaza Hotel. Like most great conferences, this one was chock-full of great content on lead nurturing, demand generation and social media all for the B2B marketer, however when you leave the only thought in your head is, "I don't even know where to start, how am I ever going to implement anything."

However, for me there was one 'aha' moment and one piece of knowledge that stuck out from all the rest. This piece of knowledge wasn't something that was earth shatteringly new, but it was presented in such a way that made so much sense for B2B marketing . Tyler Garns from Infusionsoft was giving a presentation entitled "From Ripe to Ready: Lead Nurturing is the Silver Bullet in B2B Marketing." Half way through his presentation on how to build a demand generation strategy and the importance of doing so before implementing any tactics, he paused and said, "Lead your leads to value, not a sale."

This short sentence sums up everything we are doing in B2B marketing. With the almost dizzying rush to create content, to fill the demand generation lead pipeline and then nurture those leads into a closed sale, we need to remember that valuable content it what will win. Valuable content must be useful to our target audience, it must contain substance and it must be developed with the true intention of helping others overcome whatever challenges they are facing.

Moving forward, this is going to be the mantra I follow and the test I use to evaluate content that is created for demand generation.

In closing, I hope I have provided you some value and that you too use this test when writing your next B2B marketing blog post, recording a webinar or developing the topic for your next demand generation whitepaper.

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Galen Dow

This post was written by Galen Dow

Galen Dow is the Founder of New Breed. Galen prides himself on building a unified marketing and sales agency - bringing marketing and sales into harmony to drive results and exceed client expectations, while utilizing inbound marketing strategies.

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