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January 9, 2014

14 Must Read B2B Blogs for the Modern B2B Marketer

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Moving_the_Needle_with_B2B_MarketingYou’ll see in our About section that we have set a big goal for ourselves. “Together we are creating the most technically advanced and innovative B2B marketing + sales company in the world”. We have a stable of extremely intelligent and original thinkers who are passionate about moving the needle in a big way for our clients and partners. And we like to be inspired by others in the industry who are driving B2B marketing thought leadership forward.

Here are 15 of the best places to find original, thought provoking B2B marketing ideas that really work. 


As we’ve said before, Inbound Marketing is not the only thing, but it is an essential thing to master if you are going to make your website your best salesperson. For Inbound Marketing expertise, there’s no better source than the company that invented the model. HubSpot's blog is a wealth of information with everything from best practices, how-to's, infographics and more.

Sirius Decisions

Sirius Decisions has been a leader in sales methodology forever. We pay attention to what they are saying, which we find is generally well-researched and supported conclusions on how to drive sales.


At the forefront of cloud offerings was, and still is Salesforce. Their blog is filled with lots of great ideas that put some of the ‘+’ in what we offer here are NB.


Wondering how to better align your marketing and sales teams, or create a data-driven sales and marketing culture? Look no further than the InsightSquared blog, which is full of amazing posts on just that. 

IBM Smarter Planet

There’s no question about it, IBM is smart. As we bring enterprise-class marketing solutions to small and mid-market companies we definitely pay attention to their ideas.

Oracle Social Marketing Blog

And where IBM establishes a beachhead, Oracle is soon to follow. The point is, that enterprise scale B2B companies are realizing that all marketing is moving in the direction that they have been executing for years. Oracle is snapping up cloud marketing capabilities like Eloqua for a reason. With smart companies like HubSpot bringing enterprise capabilities in an affordable, easy to use, cloud deployment the game is changing for marketers everywhere.


“High-performance delivered”, just like us, only for small and mid-market companies who want a large amount of their marketing partners attention. And some of their ideas are really great. 

Sales Benchmark Index

Unified Marketing + Sales means just that. For a good primer on the sales end, Sales Benchmark Index is a great place to start.


A diverse range of topics, but the posts focused on B2B are often times very forward looking, in-depth, well thought out and easy to understand.


The company that coined the term "pipeline marketing" is a wealth of information on how B2B marketers today can create better attribution models, optimize their campaigns and track their contribution to revenue. 

B2B Marketing

Just getting started in B2B marketing? This site is a nice mix of basics that will help you get the B2B ball rolling.


A thought leader in the marketing automation industry, this blog is full of great content. We tend to follow the B2B category, but encourage you to explore around because you'll find tons of valuable information.


We like the Bizo blog because it's totally centered around B2B marketing. With their focus on results-oriented B2B marketing, this blog is a great resource for everyone - from the novice to the advanced B2B marketer.

Google Think Insights

By now you know Google is more than just a search engine. With their immense product suite, many B2B marketers live and breath their tools on a daily basis. And we're right there with them. In addition to their multitude of products, Google also has a great hub for B2B marketing information and the B2B space in general. We check back often as they release innovative and informative posts about everything B2B.

B2B Marketing Zone

It's like a newspaper for B2B marketing. Just tons and tons and tons of articles, focused on a wide array of topics.

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