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January 9, 2014

Our Top 8 B2B Marketing Blogs

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top 8 b2b marketing blogs

We like to consider ourselves an innovative B2B marketing and sales organization - just check out our About section for the social proof. However, in order for us to remain innovative and keep our competitive advantage, we need to constantly keep up with the latest trends and opportunities in the marketing world. We also just like to stay inspired by others in the industry who are driving B2B marketing thought leadership forward. Here are 14 of our top B2B marketing blogs to find original, thought provoking ideas that really work. 

1. HubSpot 

As we’ve said before, inbound marketing isn't the only thing to consider, but it's an essential thing to master if you are going to make your website your best salesperson. For inbound marketing expertise, there’s no better source than the company that invented the model. HubSpot's blog is a wealth of information with everything from best practices, how-to's, infographics and more.

2. Sirius Decisions

Sirius Decisions has been a leader in sales methodology forever. We pay attention to what they are saying, which we find is generally well-researched and supported conclusions on how to drive sales.

3. Salesforce

At the forefront of cloud offerings is Salesforce. Their blog is filled with lots of great ideas that put some of our unified marketing and sales offerings into action.

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4. InsightSquared

Wondering how to better align your marketing and sales teams or create a data-driven sales and marketing culture? Look no further than the InsightSquared blog, which is full of amazing posts on just that. 

5. Sales Benchmark Index

Unified Marketing + Sales means just that. For a good primer on the sales end, Sales Benchmark Index is a great place to start.

6. Business2Community

A diverse range of topics, but the posts focused on B2B are often times very forward looking, in-depth, well thought out and easy to understand.

7. Bizible

The company that coined the term "pipeline marketing" is a wealth of information on how B2B marketers today can create better attribution models, optimize their campaigns and track their contribution to revenue. 

8. B2B Marketing

Just getting started in B2B marketing? This site is a nice mix of basics that will help you get the B2B ball rolling.

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