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The 5 Most Exciting HubSpot Product Releases At INBOUND 2018

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If you've been following along, then you know INBOUND 2018 just wrapped up, and it did not disappoint. With thousands of fellow marketing professionals in attendance, INBOUND was the perfect place for networking, generating leads and learning about the latest developments in our industry.

What's more, it also marked the beginning of HubSpot's product launch season — and as a Diamond-tier HubSpot partner with years of expertise in the platform, New Breed is eager to use these releases and updates; the more capable, flexible and scalable the HubSpot platform becomes, the better we can use it to help our clients succeed. Here are our top five most exciting HubSpot product releases to date.

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Olivia Perek

Olivia Perek
Olivia is a Principal Inbound Strategist who focuses on lead generation and marketing and sales alignment. She excels at helping clients identify, build and execute scalable demand generation strategies using the HubSpot ecosystem.
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