August 14, 2018

Recap of Best Inbound 2018 Sessions For Demand Generation Enthusiasts

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After returning from HubSpot's INBOUND 2018 conference, we've been thinking a lot about how outbound events can be integrated with your inbound marketing strategy. While preparing for conferences and trade shows can be a daunting task, if they're done right, these opportunities can have amazing returns — organizationally, professionally and personally. Whether you're working a booth, networking or simply learning more about your industry, going in with a plan of action will enhance your experience and help you meet your goals. With that in mind, here is a recap of our favorites sessions for demand generation marketers from INBOUND 18. 

Wednesday, September 5

How to Develop and Run a Growth Marketing Team 

You keep hearing that you need to have a growth marketer, or demand generation marketer, on your team, but what does that really mean? It’s not just about expanding a new marketing channel – it’s about adding a growth mindset to your current channels. A growth marketer’s mindset brings experimentation, segmentation and analytics to your team. In this session, learn about a demand generation marketer’s responsibilities and how to start hiring and structuring a growth team.

Modern Demand Creation 

With the growing trend of sales and marketing unification, these teams at every brand are being forced to make a choice: maintain the status quo or forge a new path to generate even greater revenue for their organization. However, with continuous innovation and disruption impacting both functions, no matter what choice you make, there needs to be some form of evolution – and fast. In this session, learn how Chobani has created impactful, authentic programs to generate affinity and attention while merging the traditional sales and marketing functions into a single, unified demand generation department.

Predictive Analytics for Inbound Marketers 

Marketers of all stripes now incorporate multiple inbound and outbound marketing methods, from social and SEO to email and paid ads as part of their digital marketing mix. What’s more, inbound marketing is one of the richest troves of data available to marketers, replete with real language, preferences and information about your buyer personas. After learning how to leverage data-driven decisions and overcome analysis paralysis, attend this session to learn how make data-driven predictions with specificity and accuracy in order to inform your future inbound marketing strategy.

Account Based Marketing: It's Not Just for Big Companies Anymore 

In modern B2B marketing, account-based marketing, or ABM, is another quickly growing trend. In fact, a recent survey of B2B marketers found that more than 90% stated an ABM strategy has helped their companies close more deals. However, this approach doesn’t have to be limited to larger organizations. In this session, you’ll see how a B2B startup launched a small, ABM program on a shoestring budget with enough success to now scale it into closing bigger deals with large, enterprise customers.

The Unrelenting Value of the Narrative Elements: Tying Stories to Your Inbound Approach 

Everyone knows the narrative elements can fuel great storytelling and content marketing success. But, what you may not know is these elements can also be used for a strategic demand generation approach. How can marketers relate the narrative elements to their overall strategy to regain the value of the story and drive more revenue for their organization? In this session, you’ll learn how to reframe the buyer’s journey to wrap character, setting, conflict, plot and theme into your inbound marketing and demand generation efforts — far beyond traditional content creation.

Thursday, September 6

It's All Messaging: An Introduction To Conversational Growth Strategy

Conversational marketing is the wave of the future, but how can you ensure you successfully weave it into your existing demand generation strategy? Since the dawn of time, building personal, one-to-one relationships has been the goal of marketing and sales – and a conversational strategy allows you to accomplish just that. In this session, you’ll discover ways to start adapting and discovering your own conversational marketing strategy while understanding what tools and resources are available within HubSpot that make it easy to get started.

The Growth Marketer: Expectations and Skills Needed for the Modern Marketer 

The marketing profession has changed and it means you’re no longer responsible for just producing good content, knowing how to use social media or running paid ads. The demand generation marketers of today are expected to know data analysis, quantitative modeling, web development and design and so much more. How do you keep up with these more demanding expectations? In this session, discover how you can remain competitive and deliver the best results possible in your position.

Friday, September 7

Is the Keyword Dead? The New Role of Intent in SEO and Content Marketing Success 

As search engine analytics and formatting capabilities grow more sophisticated, your SEO strategy has to continually evolve. Today’s marketers understand they have to embrace that a successful SEO strategy should focus on more than just keywords as SEO trends emphasize the importance of satisfying a searcher’s intent. But what’s the difference between a keyword-driven and intent-based approach? In this session, you’ll learn why you need to be executing a deeper approach and how to incorporate the best of both strategies for a successful, hybrid approach.

Key Takeaway

INBOUND 2018 was filled with awesome, informative sessions for those demand generation marketers who are looking for new and innovative ways to attract people to their brand. But if you weren't able to attend INBOUND, hopefully our recap will inspire you to look a little deeper into ways you can improve your demand generation strategies!  

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