May 29, 2018

7 Tips to Optimize Your Inbound Marketing Blog

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7 tips to optimize your inbound marketing blog

If your inbound marketing content strategy is successful, the first point of contact visitors have with your company is through your blog. By optimizing your blog to its fullest potential, you eliminate distractions from a poor user experience and empower your visitors to fully engage with your content — and your brand. As more users visit and stay on your blog, your website traffic will also increase. Here are seven blog optimization tips to improve your blog and your visitors' experiences:

1. Make the entire post preview clickable

It can be frustrating for users when they try to click on a blog post preview to read more and only a specific element of the preview is clickable. By making the entire preview clickable, you enable visitors to easily select the content they want and jump right into reading it.

2. Include hover states on post previews

Include a hover state on each of your post previews to highlight for visitors that the entire element is clickable. Not only do you eliminate the distraction of being unable to click, but you also add an engaging element to the blog and encourage visitors to click on more content.

3. Add author images

 Add author images (and bios) to help your readers put a face to the name of all of your blog contributors. Include associated author bios at the bottom of each blog post, so readers can learn more about them and their place within your organization. In our highly connected society, it's important for readers to relate to your brand; adding this interpersonal touch will help you gain user empathy and conversions.

4. Include only a "Read More" or "Next" button at the bottom of the page

Rather than endless page numbers at the bottom of your blog, include only a single "Read More" or "Next" button to encourage endless scrolling. This will also keep users from becoming overwhelmed with all the content on each page and help them consume your posts in small, manageable chunks.

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5. Take it easy with your blog tags

Don’t drown your readers in numerous, vague blog tags. Focus on a specific number of tags that are related to your business, industry or SEO — and stick to those topics. If you think about it, all of your content should easily relate to these tags, and if something doesn’t, maybe it shouldn’t be on your blog. With established topics, your visitors will know exactly what your blog is about and can more readily understand what content types they should expect.

6. Include a filtering function for your blog tags

After you’ve honed in your top priority blog tags, add a filtering function at the top of your blog page to help visitors sort your content by a desired topic. Visitors know what type of content to expect; now give them the ability to search for what they want. You should also include an “all” topics filter, so they can also choose to browse your blog by its most recent content.

7. Create a pop-up CTA encouraging readers to subscribe to your blog

Lastly, your blog exists in order to attract visitors with helpful content and convert them into leads. Add a conversion point to your blog to start them down the marketing funnel. By making it a pop-up CTA rather than a stationary one, you ensure your readers will actually see it, and you increase the opportunities for conversion.

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