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November 6, 2012

5 Ways to Market Like a Politician

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market-like-a-politicianIt's Decision Day. The future of our nation is resting in the hands of the people. As our civic duty, it's time to get out there, show our support and vote! We did. Did you?

It's been a long road for both candidates. The campaign trail isn't easy and they've each had to overcome obstacles. But one thing has remained consistent, they both have strong marketing campaigns, deliver their messages effectively and have built strong 'brands' around themselves.

Here are 5 ways that you can start to market like a politician:

  1. Micro-target Your Audience. Politicians have extensive resources at their disposable and they have used these resources to dive deeper into their target audience. They've targeted by purchase history, property tax records, values, interests, etc. Of course, we don't usually have this level of detail on our customers, but as marketers we need to start speaking this micro language. It's important to understand what motivates our customer, so looking more closely at their behavior is critical. Measuring social media engagement, paired with the traditional segmentation variables like gender and industry, is a good example of micro-targeting your audience.
  2. Leverage Mobile Technology. People are on their cell phones. All. The. Time. There's no question about it. With these little devices glued to our hands, take advantage of this powerful marketing opportunity. Both Presidential candidates have released mobile apps which have given them more insight into voter demographics. For marketers, mobile apps provide an opportunity to drive higher engagement through the integration of social media. With some, we can even understand where our customers are physically located and we can start mapping their behavior to their geographic location. This sure peeks our interest.
  3. Remain Relevant. One of the most critical aspects of a successful marketing campaign, is relevancy. Relevancy ties into micro-targeting your audience as well, as you adjust your messaging to suit your different audiences. Politicians do this on a daily basis, trying to get the vote from different demographics. They tailor their speeches to address topics that are relevant to the audience they're in front of. As marketers, we need to take the same approach with our different audiences, developing offers and content that meet the specific needs of our customers. The blanket marketing campaign is falling by the wayside.
  4. Call on Your Brand Fans. Political supporters are the key to building a successful campaign, and the same goes for brands. Candidates rally this group, encouraging them to take action and vote. Do the same with your fan base. Let them work to build momentum behind your company. Word of mouth is known to be a powerful marketing tool, so empower your brand fans to spread your content in their networks by providing easy-to-use sharing tools. While social sharing buttons are important, try to think outside of the box too. Offer promotions, free trials, exclusive deals for these fans to encourage the sharing of your content. Who knows, maybe (if you're lucky) you'll even go viral.
  5. Advertise Economically. If you watch TV, listen to the radio, read the newspaper, peruse the web, then you can see, the Presidential candidates are everywhere. It's estimated that they will have spent $2.5 billion this election. Now that's a lot of money. A lot of money that's success is hard to measure (except for whoever wins). So rather than of opting for huge media spends, throwing your advertising money into a single campaign, take a step back and try to identify the point where advertising will become ineffective. What is the return on your marketing investment? This is where marketing automation platforms can step in and save the day. With platforms like HubSpot, you have measureable, identifiable return on your investment. You can see exactly where you marketing spend is going and the results that it is generating. Novel concept, huh? Imagine, being able to actively see your ROI on marketing. Now that's something we can really get behind.

Want to learn more about marketing automation platforms? Check out this free video on HubSpot 3 - we're huge fans. 

And don't forget to vote!

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