November 21, 2014

5 Blogs SaaS Professionals Should Have on Their Radar: Part I

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SaaS-blogs-to-readThe Internet is a unique and beautiful tool - without it, you wouldn't have the position you hold or the relationships you nurture. 

We have a lot to thank the Internet for, especially the connectivity it provides. Due to instant messaging services, online forums, social media and blogging platforms, we're able to read hundreds, thousands and even millions of other individuals' and organizations' ideas. Having access to so much knowledge and inspiration has led to the creation of numerous healthy, successful companies.

That's why, at New Breed we're constantly embracing everything the Internet provides for us, especially blogs. Blogs are a great channel for communicating your ideas, strategies and expertise. We like to be in tune with the latest in the marketing + sales industry, particularly for SaaS companies, and we do so by reading...a lot.

Who and what do we read? Now that's a long list. To break it down, we've pulled the top five blogs we feel are critical for SaaS professionals to have on their radar. These five individuals and companies are at the front of the SaaS marketing and sales pack. They have a lot to offer readers from SaaS benchmarks and metrics, to customer success, to innovative strategies for demand and lead generation.

5 Blogs SaaS Professionals Should Have on Their Radar

1. ​Tomasz Tunguz

Tom Tunguz is a partner at Redpoint, a venture capital firm which invests in start-ups in Internet and broadband. Tunguz writes daily, data-driven blog posts about key questions facing startups including how to fundraise, startup benchmarks, management best practices and team building. While Tunguz writes on many different topics surrounding a start-up SaaS company, he focuses a lot on important metrics for growth and who specifically should be measuring them.

Favorite posts:

2. ​Brad Coffey

Brad Coffey is the VP of Product Strategy at HubSpot. While Brad writes infrequently, his posts are in-depth and thought-provoking. Much of what he writes revolves around business management and lessons learned at HubSpot from business growth to pricing models. Our team always looks forward to a new post from Coffey.

Favorite posts:

3. ​​SaaStr

SaaStr began as a blog with answers to questions on Quora to help back Jason Lemkin's learnings of going from $0 to $100m ARR with the next generation of great SaaS and B2B entrepreneurs. It has since become one of the largest web communities of SaaS founders and entrepreneurs with over 750k views per month 5 million+ views on Quora. Lemkin is currently a Managing Director at Storm Ventures. He is also one of the top contributors on Quora - where his expertise extends beyond SaaStr.

Favorite posts:

4. ​Totango​

Totango itself is a SaaS company. They've built a software that uncovers customer insights that help you understand which customers need your attention and why. Leading SaaS and cloud services companies run on Totango, resulting in the powering of insights for over 20 million users. Their blog is managed by numerous members of their team and their content mainly focuses on customer success - an important aspect of SaaS companies. 

Favorite posts:

5. ​KISSmetrics

KISSmetrics is another SaaS company focused on transforming Google Analytics data into prospect and customer insights. ​The end goal of the software is for companies to learn more about their customers and what they're interested in - they can create and serve more relevant content. They speak to overall digital marketing in their blog, from social media to B2B tactics to organization management. While not all of their posts are SaaS-centric, a majority of what they write is applicable for SaaS companies. 

Favorite Posts: 

This post is part I in a two part series, you can view Part II here where we dive into another five great SaaS blogs you can't afford to miss!

What do you think about these blogs or blog posts? We'd love to hear your thoughts - leave a comment below.



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