January 26, 2016

4 Inbound Marketers to Watch in 2016 (and Why They're Crushing It)

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2015 was a big year for inbound marketing. Today, three out of four marketers across the globe prioritize an inbound marketing approach, and that is showing no sign of slowing in 2016. But the fact is, not all inbound marketers are created equal.

In today's post, I am going to look at four inbound marketers that I'm really excited to watch in 2016, and along the way dive into some the the strategies, campaigns and tactics that caught my attention.

Sujan Patel, ContentMarketer.io

If you aren't familiar yet, head over to the ContentMarketer.io blog. It's quickly become one of the best resources on the web for all things content marketing. The Contentmarketer.io tool itself allows marketers to easily promote their content, but the blog isn't limited to just content promotion, it's full of actionable articles on all things content marketing.

This site strikes at the core of what inbound is all about, create actionable and valuable content and the audience will follow. I'm looking forward to see where Patel and the team take it in 2016. If you can't wait, here are a few great posts:

Dave Rigotti, Bizible

There were a few campaigns in particular that stuck out to me that Dave and his team executed on this year. The first was the quality and consistency of Bizible's blog content. Bizible is a leader in B2B marketing attribution, helping marketers tie their efforts to revenue, whether that's from paid search, inbound or account-based marketing. One of the pieces of their content strategy that impresses me most is how enticing all of their blog titles are, here are three of my favorites:

The second campaign that I thought was great was their State of Pipeline Marketing Report. It was an insightful look behind the scenes of how B2B marketing leaders are making decisions today and is a must read.

Joe Chernov, InsightSquared

InsightSquared is one of the most important tools in my arsenal as a CEO and I was excited to see when they hired Joe Chernov to lead their marketing team. The InsightSquared blog and the Ramp podcast have been great for as long as I can remember.

However, it appears that Joe has been able to refocus their efforts on their core sales and executive personas. For example, where you once saw a diverse set of roles depicted on their website:


You now can see that this has been honed into a more streamlined and focus strategy within the executive and sales groups, in alignment with the core functionality of the product:


In addition to that, we've also seen some exceptional industry specific targeting in both the top of funnel content, as well as in the product itself. Two great examples of this are the The 77 Best SaaS Sales Resources campaign that was just recently published and also the SaaS metrics of the most influential venture capitalists that was released in the product.

Kristy Sharrow, Director of Marketing at LevelEleven

LevelEleven is a sales performance platform that helps sales teams leverage data to drive decision making; so off the bat I was naturally excited about the topics and content that LevelEleven might produce. You just have to take one look at the extensive resource library on the site to see that they are leaders in the inbound marketing space when it comes to sales content. They have everything from e-books, to templates to webinars and more.

One of the best campaigns that comes to mind was a webinar on How to Build a High Performance Sales Team. The copy and calls to action were really well written, take a look at that here:


There were three things that struck me about this campaign. The first was the use of the scarcity and social proof heuristics enticing me to click. The second was the use of both a visual and text CTA. Though visual CTAs often drive higher clicks, it's always best to also include a text link in your email as well in case the image is blocked by the email client. Finally, it's clear that Sharrow understands the importance of high-quality content as she's pulled in not only her own CEO but also the CRO of ExecVision to lead the webinar.

As you can tell, we all have something to learn from these marketing pros, whether it's the value of consistent and high quality content from Sujan Patel, how effective independent research and reporting can be from Dave Rigotti, effective persona and industry targeting from Joe Chernov or great content paired with compelling email promotion from Kristy Sharrow, there is no question they are showing B2B inbound marketers the way.

Let us know which inbound marketers have caught your attention that you'll be keeping an eye on this year in the comments below!

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