June 1, 2018

3 Client Marketing Tactics to Delight Your Customers into Evangelists

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All too often, we see marketers halt their relations with a contact once a deal is closed-won, but your marketing initiatives shouldn’t stop there. Client marketing tactics offer a great deal of opportunity to promote up-sells and decrease churn. After all, the easiest people to sell to are those who’ve already purchased from you.

While acquiring new business is important, retaining, delighting and evangelizing your existing customers is critical for achieving sustained growth. By investing a portion of your team’s marketing calories into promoting up-sells and increasing retention, you can ensure your customer lifetime value far exceeds their cost of acquisition.

To help you kickstart your client marketing strategy, we’ve laid out three valuable tactics for delighting your customers into evangelists.

In-Person Events

In this day and age, the need to facilitate a face-to-face engagement to effectively provide a product or service is almost nonexistent. While it may not be necessary for your team to meet with your client in person to conduct a successful engagement, doing so may enhance your relationship in a way that cannot be achieved remotely.

By hosting in-person events at a set cadence, your team gains the opportunity to forge valuable, personal connections with clients who you may not otherwise get to meet face-to-face. Quarterly or annual user group meet-ups are a great way for SaaS and other B2B service companies to connect with their clients and encourage knowledge sharing across their user base.

Client Newsletters

Newsletters are a great way to nurture leads down the funnel, but they can also be used for keeping in touch with your clients and ensuring your brand remains top of mind.

Client newsletters provide the opportunity to provide your client base with content and information that a prospect wouldn’t necessarily be ready to receive. Product releases, company news, educational content and exclusive customer content are excellent ways to supplement your client newsletter.

Exclusive Client Content

Show your customers you value them by providing them with contextually relevant content, tailored exclusively to them. It’s common sense that the needs and priorities of an existing customer will differ from a prospect, so your client marketing content should reflect that.

Remember, just because a prospect has converted into a customer doesn’t mean that their goals and pain points have vanished; they’ve simply changed. Your client marketing content should effectively address these evolved needs and desires in order to continue delighting your customers into evangelists. Offering a customer-only sneak peek webinar of an upcoming product launch or promoting educational content to help customers better use your product or service are excellent examples of contextually relevant, educational client marketing content.

Incorporate these client marketing tactics into your inbound strategy to delight your customers into evangelists and drive long-term growth for your business. Download our Ultimate Guide to Inbound Marketing to learn how to incorporate inbound methods into your client marketing strategy. 

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