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November 14, 2014

10 Top People to Follow on Twitter: CMO Edition

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top-people-to-follow-on-twitter-cmoThis month, I've brought to you the ten of the most influential CMOs (or Chief Marketing Officers) that you need to be following on Twitter. CMOs increasingly have taken on the responsibility of being the voices and faces of their companies, according to Forbes. They are visible in ways never before possible, thanks to the advent of social media. With that, many times, they are the most accessible C-suite member in an organization.

What makes CMOs so unique is that while they represent their own company brands, they also establish their personal brands in the process. They are the thought leaders, the movers and the shakers of the marketing and sales industry, whose voices rise above everyone else's. While your main goal is always to grow the business, it's also important to take your personal brand into consideration. By following these top CMOs, you'll learn how to structure your online presence by looking at a variety of approaches taken by top CMOs.

To find the top CMOs on Twitter, I referenced Forbes, The World's Most Influencial CMOs in 2014. Teamed with Appinions, the two assess how the CMOs of the top companies in Forbes' Global 2000 list rank in terms of influence, how widely their opinions travel, and how much reaction they generate when they speak.

Let's dive in!

10 Top People to Follow on Twitter: CMO Edition

1. @pschiller | Phil Schiller | Apple 

Apple, Sports, Cars, Science, Scuba, Drums, Photography. It's racing season!

2. @bethcomstock | Beth Comstock | General Electric

Marketer on a mission. Intrigued by ideas at the intersection of design & technology. CMO at GE. Aspiring innovator. Sometime writer. Relentless traveler.

3. @HorsesToHarleys | Barb Rechterman | GoDaddy

Exec. Vice President & CMO of Horse & Harley Girl. 

4. @BlairChristie | Blair Christie | Cisco

Diplomat, explorer, connector, convener, at work and in life. Invigorated by smart thinkers and brilliant technology. Cisco SVP and CMO. Mom of 3. 

5. @keithweed | Keith Weed | Unilever 

Chief Marketing and Communications Officer at Unilever

6. @AlanGershenhorn | Alan Gershenhorn | UPS

Chief Commercial Officer, @UPS.

7. @jburton | Jeremy Burton | EMC

President Products & Marketing, EMC Corp All tweets authored by me!

8. @JeffreyAHirsch | Jeffrey A Hirsch | Time Warner Cable

Chief Marketing and Sales Officer, Time Warner Cable. Inventing better ways for people to enjoy the things they love. #EnjoyBetter

9. @KLemkau | Kristin Lemkau | JPMorgan Stanley

Chief Marketing Officer, JPMorgan Chase. Proud Mom and wife. Vanderbilt alum. Chair of Sandy Hook Promise.

10. @mzuna | Michael Zuna | Aflac

Proud father of Alexandra & Sophia, aspiring innovator, fascinated with digital marketing, data, design and sales enablement. @Starbucks junkie and CMO @aflac 

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Are there any other CMOs you would suggest B2B marketers followed on Twitter? What about LinkedIn? Leave us a comment below!


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