Download: Free Blogging Editorial Calendar Template

To add structure and organization to your blogging process, and start:

  • Developing quality content rather than banging out last minute posts
  • Setting due dates for your authors so they can plan accordingly
  • Tracking keywords and premium content offers for each post
  • Mapping your posts to your buyer personas to keep your content relevant

Blog_Editorial_CalendarWe know that one of the biggest challenges with maintaining a strong blog, is not necessarily writing the content itself, it's the planning behind it. Brainstorming topics, targeting to the right readers, and optimizing posts with the right keywords, it can all be a bit over whelming.

We've designed this template to help you stay on track with your blogging as you continue to produce awesome content that your prospects enjoy. Use this calendar to maintain organization, track keyword and CTA use and make sure your content is developed on time and on target. With this template, you'll never miss a step (or post) and you'll be on the path to inbound marketing success!


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Blog Editorial Calendar

Patrick Biddiscombe, CEO
At New Breed we believe Inbound is no longer just about filling your funnel. It is about customer acquisition and actual growth.

- Patrick Biddiscombe, CEO