Adapting to Uncertainty Together

COVID-19 has created uncertainty and challenges that we're all adapting to on the fly. Companies are searching for answers and looking for partners that can adapt with them as the situation changes.

In an effort to provide the support you need, we are adapting, evolving and working creatively to provide solutions that continue to deliver value through marketing, sales and customer success.



Build effective marketing campaigns that help you reach your target audience and attract new customers.



Go beyond lead generation by engaging potential buyers, demonstrate the value of your offering and close deals.



Provide your customers with the experience they deserve through effective service and support.

Proven Solutions For Uncertain Times

GAW- Revenue

Evaluate and Optimize Your Paid Spend

Wondering how to invest your budget in paid advertising? Our team will identify areas where you can better optimize results and spend, whether that be through keyword optimization, ad creative updates or anything in between.
Paid Advertising Audit

CRM-Setting Up New Processes

Refine Your Marketing & Sales Operations

Lead qualification, database intricacies and complex workflow automation can make or break your marketing and sales initiatives. Our experts will collaborate with your teams to create and implement processes that are built to scale as your database grows.
Revenue Operations Assessment

GAW - Do Inbound Better

Retain and Expand Your Customer Base

Your customers are always important and even more so when they are anxious or forced to change their behavior. Are your customer success teams set up to deliver positive outcomes? Can you offer something new to help in these uncertain times? We'll audit your current process and provide recommendations for improvement.
Customer Success Assessment

MA- Improve Returns

Pay for Performance Model

We believe that our marketing efforts should produce meaningful results for your business — and we're confident in our ability to deliver. Our pay for performance model reduces your exposure to risk by allowing you to pay for the results we provide. Find out if you are eligible for our pay for performance model.
Pay for Performance Evaluation

SRW - Product Launch

Generate Demand for Your Business

In need of a partner that can adapt with you? Our demand generation premier services enable custom marketing initiatives by leveraging different tactics and services depending on your objectives — all in one package, under one roof. Find out if you're ready to start generating demand with our free assessment.
Demand Generation Assessment

GAW-Intake Kickoff

Get the Marketing Support You Need

Looking to consolidate your vendor relationships while still getting the support you need? Or maybe you just need an extra set of hands to lean on in these uncertain times. We're providing our essential services to help companies navigate these uncertain times with a lower commitment. Talk to one of our strategists today!
Marketing Essentials Evaluation

GAW - Get Org Consensus

Enable Your Sales Team to Succeed

Your growth still depends on your sales team hitting their quota. Equip them with the sales enablement materials they need to continue to do their jobs effectively with the content, email templates and case studies they need to increase pipeline and win deals.
Sales Enablement Assessment

IR-Foundational Implementation

Get More Conversions From Your Website

Your website is more important than ever. As we all start working from home and doing business remotely, your prospects need to find the information they need to make a purchasing decision from your website. Our team can provide the design and development expertise you need to optimize your website and generate leads. Find out how we can help with our free assessment.
Request a Website Assessment

“As a result of the coronavirus pandemic, the live event industry has significantly felt the impact across all sectors. Our company swiftly sourced virtual event partners and wanted to provide the resources and guidance to our customers and prospects on how to go virtual with their events, rather than altogether cancel. With New Breed's help, we were able to immediately get our new virtual event Adwords search and display campaigns live and producing results. We are grateful for New Breed's continued partnership and help prior to these difficult times, but even more so especially now. If you're looking for an agency that can quickly adapt to the changing world and circumstances, I highly would recommend New Breed.”

Jack Diserio | Director of Digital Marketing | Aventri

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