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    9 Best Practices for SaaS Pricing-Page Design

    The SaaS model has changed not only how businesses offer, use and access software (in the cloud), but also how pricing structures are organized for that software. Instead of a messy and time-consuming implementation process—along with an enormous, one-time fee—this software is available on demand, leading to a different model of pricing strategy. As the delivery and management models have shifted, the licensing/pricing model has also shifted. This change has lead to pricing considerations based on thresholds, users and features, and is scaled accordingly. Leading organizations offer different pricing tiers with features customized to an organization's size, needs, goals and pain points. 

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    5 Ways to Tell if Your SEO Tactics are Working Against You

    Every business should be cognizant of their website's search engine optimization efforts, and I highly recommend following SEO best practices in order to set your site up for search success; but did you know that your site can actually be over-optimized?

    It's an unfortunate mistake that often happens when a company unknowingly signs on with a black-hat SEO firm. You'll quickly see a large leap in traffic and results, but then a month or two later, are officially blacklisted by the Google guys, and nowhere to be seen in organic search results. When this happens, it's because the actions taken by the SEO firm are construed as trying to play the system. There's a very high priority from search engine companies that their rankings be natural and good quality, so they've concocted the latest formulas and algorithms to wipe out the bad behavior.

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    It was incredibly refreshing to work with an agency that focused on our needs as a business first and had a thorough understanding of inbound marketing.