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    4 Modern Web-Design Trends B2B Companies Need to Embrace

    Last week, I dove into some of the Web-design trends you need to ditch as a B2B tech company. This time around, I thought I'd touch on various design trends you must incorporate in order to increase conversions, increase engagements, decrease bounce rates and increase search authority. 

    Without further ado, let's get to it.

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    New Breed Inbound Marketing Agency: Now a HubSpot Diamond Partner

    Have you ever had one of those surreal moments where your business goals are being realized? Last week I experienced just that: New Breed became a HubSpot Diamond Partner! 

    That's right! We reached diamond status among HubSpot's inbound marketing agency partners

    I am incredibly excited that we have achieved HubSpot's highest honor for its partner agencies. This makes New Breed one of only four Diamond Partners in the world! To put this in perspective, HubSpot has more than 2,500 partners in more than 65 countries. Awesome, right?

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    It was incredibly refreshing to work with an agency that focused on our needs as a business first and had a thorough understanding of inbound marketing.