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    7 Examples of Brilliant SaaS Content Marketing

    I think it’s fair to say that content marketing is now an assumed element of the marketing strategy for pretty much every industry. It’s become a standard marketing practice and one that can’t be ignored.

    It’s here and it’s here to stay.

    As our portfolio has grown and the number of leads we generate (per month) has steadily increased, we’ve made some observations about what is and isn’t working in particular industries. We generate a lot of SaaS based leads (which is awesome since they’re in our sweet spot) and one thing we’ve found is that many organizations aren’t using content marketing to its fullest potential. Many of them have blogs, but aside from that, there’s not much else.

    In today’s blog post, we’re going to explore how 7 SaaS companies are using content marketing to generate quality leads and customers. We’ll look at what methods they are using and discuss why they are successful, perhaps even sparking some ideas for you to implement within your own organization.

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    Is Business Blogging Dead?

    Breaking news: Blogging is dead.

    Before you panic, let me rephrase. How you blog is dead. The ‘traditional’ business blog is no longer the most effective strategy for hitting all those marketing goals you set (increased traffic, qualified leads, conversions).

    Why? The traditional blog makes it difficult for you to segment your content based on buyer personas. As you (hopefully) know, any and all content you create needs to to be valuable for the reader. The way you do this is by knowing who your buyer personas are - your ideal customer(s) - and then creating a content strategy that speaks directly to their pain points.

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    It was incredibly refreshing to work with an agency that focused on our needs as a business first and had a thorough understanding of inbound marketing.