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      20 of the Best Slide Decks for SaaS Leaders

      One of the best things about being a SaaS business today is the sheer number of resources available to founders and leaders. We've found that Slideshare is one of the best media for finding this content. In today's post we're going to look at a complete list of the best presentations on SaaS metrics, growth, marketing, sales, customer success and funding.

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      Topics: SaaS Marketing

      UX Tips to Increase B2B Website Conversion Rates

      Many B2B companies dramatically underestimate the importance of a good website user experience. The excuses generally sound something like this, "Good website UX doesn't matter for B2B, just B2C!" or "I can't justify a UX spend to my boss," or "I found this blog post that said 'A' and that's all we need!" Because of this mindset, research from the Nielsen Norman Group shows that, "B2B websites have substantially lower usability than mainstream consumer sites."

      The sad thing about these misconceptions is that the exact opposite is actually true. While B2B companies underinvest in UX, they are investing more in content marketing and other lead-generation tactics that rely on website conversion to build a relationship with their prospects over extended sales cycles. When was the last time you kept going back to visit a website where you hated the UX and design?

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      Topics: Design, Business2Community, User Experience

      How to Use Salesforce Campaigns and HubSpot for Strong Reporting

      Topics: Salesforce, Reporting, Business2Community, Sales

      5 Keys to Successful Pipeline Management

      Topics: Lead Generation, Marketing Automation, Customer Satisfaction, Business2Community, SaaS Marketing

      Struck by Lightning: A Dreamforce Recap

      Topics: Salesforce, Sales

      The Rise of the Revenue Team and B2B Pipeline Marketing

      Topics: Pipeline Marketing, Business2Community

      7 B2B Landing Page Best Practices to Increase Conversion Rates

      Topics: Lead Generation

      INBOUND '15 Recap: HubSpot's New Features and Updates

      Topics: HubSpot

      Improve the Quality of Your MQLs with Predictive Lead Scoring

      Topics: Lead Generation, Lead Scoring

      5 Marketing Reports Used by Remarkable B2B CMOs to Fuel Growth

      Topics: Lead Generation, Reporting, Business2Community, SaaS Marketing, Marketing

      4 Common Problems and Solutions for Your B2B PPC Campaigns

      Topics: Lead Generation, PPC

      INBOUND 2015: Can't-Miss Sessions for Customer Success & Service

      Topics: Customer Satisfaction, Inbound Service

      4 Sales Operations and Planning Fundamentals that Drive Results

      Topics: Inbound Sales, Business2Community, Sales

      It was incredibly refreshing to work with an agency that focused on our needs as a business first and had a thorough understanding of inbound marketing. 

      Erin Wasson - VP of Marketing, UrbanBound