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    The Basics of Closed-Loop Reporting

    Are you new to the world of closed-loop marketing? Well if you are, this post is just for you. We've boiled everything down to the basics, focusing on what closed-loop marketing is and how you can integrate it into your marketing process.

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    6 Inbound Marketing Tactics to Breathe New Life into your Campaign

    There’s a reason you’re making the transition to inbound marketing. HubSpot has shown that companies are three times as likely to see higher ROI on inbound campaigns than on outbound campaigns. And we know that 54 percent more leads are generated by inbound tactics than by traditional paid marketing. Your efforts in inbound marketing can help you connect with your sales team by creating more visibility across your organization, and, over time, by helping you show the value of your marketing investments.

    But the fact that inbound marketing works when done right doesn’t mean it’s easy.

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    How to Document Your Content Marketing Strategy

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    4 Inbound Marketers to Watch in 2016 (and Why They're Crushing It)

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    6 Incredible Examples of B2B Web Design

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    7 Types of Content That Will Drive Leads and Revenue

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    Marketing and Sales Alignment: How Great Companies Make It Happen

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    How B2B Companies Can Optimize Facebook Ad Creative

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    What's the Difference Between the HubSpot COS and a CMS?

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    A Year in Review: The New Breed Blog's 10 Most Popular Articles in 2015

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    Is It Okay to Put a CTA or Form Below the Fold?

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    Building a Content Community: Q&A with Alex Theuma, Co-Founder of SaaScribe

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    5 Simple Steps to Increase Your Twitter Follower Count

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    It was incredibly refreshing to work with an agency that focused on our needs as a business first and had a thorough understanding of inbound marketing. 

    Erin Wasson - VP of Marketing, UrbanBound